Psycle - SC3

Diversify a cardio heavy workout routine with strength sessions by master trainers.

WHERE: Psycle Shoreditch, 17-23 Whitby St, Shoreditch, E1 6JU, London.

TUBE: Shoreditch High Street.

THE DEAL: Spin brand Psycle expanded across barre, strength and yoga and their strength sessions are now serious contenders in the boutique fitness game. Welcome non-spinners to Psycle, you may never want to leave.

THE WORK-OUT: SC3 is a total body fifty minute class broken down into strength, conditioning and core. Taking place in Psycle’s slick studio space in Shoreditch, the class is programmed around a circuit of functional exercises designed to build endurance and boost metabolism and performed to a specific work to rest time ratio. The combination of maximum aerobic work matched with slower, lower repetition, strength exercises complement each other to push progress with your training and fitness goals. A short warm-up dedicates time to mobilize tight areas and get muscles warm before the intensity builds up. Throughout the workout the movements are varied and use lots of high quality equipment from kettlebells, goblet squats, slam ball and TRX work (from rows, planks, press-ups and face pulls) to body-weight cardio moves like burpees, mountain climbers and jump lunges. The Psycle trainers keep a careful watch on technique and form to make sure you get the most out of the exercises and avoid any risk of injury. Walk out feeling stronger and full of endorphins. As with Psycle’s spin amenities, there are beautiful changing rooms, showers and a full-on cafe you can grab a post work-out smoothie at for after.

THE PRICE: A single class is £20 and a ten class pack is £180.