FRAME - Reformer Pilates

when you’re not quite feeling up to “killing-it” in a sweaty hit session you can still build on your fitness foundations by lying down in Pilates. But don’t get too comfortable, your core is about to get fired-up!

WHERE: 4 Bridge Pl, Pimlico, SW1V 1JZ, London.

TUBE: Victoria.

THE DEAL: Frame is the flexible, feel-good fitness brand with seven studios across the city. Working out here is fun, never a chore and definitely never boring with thousands of classes to choose from.

THE WORK-OUT: Victoria is one of the newest studios by FRAME. Located right by the station, its the perfect stop for a quick entry and exit. Wednesday’s Reformer Pilates class at 7:45am or the Power Reformer Pilates at 8:45am would be our choice to kick-off the day feeling all long and lean. Like we said, Reformer Pilates is a bit more chill than taking on a full HIIT class - but don’t be fooled, its still an all over body work-out! Instructors are pretty friendly and open to suggestions if there are problem areas you want to target or certain moves you want to practise. Time passes pretty fast as exercises switch up and work muscles all over the body. Up the resistance for extra challenge and appreciate the smaller, finer movements that make your muscles (especially in your inner and outer thighs burn!). We are sure your core will be shaking after trying to hold a plank whilst keeping the bed still but do this regularly and you’ll notice increased tone, strength and flexibility. The most exciting part about this class is the difference in posture if you keep at it; the chest becomes more open, tension around the shoulders melts away and you start to pull the tummy in naturally. There are showers available to use after (not super-luxe but they do the job) and the reception sells a bunch of snacks and drinks to keep your hanger at bay until you can get in a proper meet post class.

THE PRICE: Become a member so you can train on the reg; £199 a month gets you unlimited classes and workshops. £120 gets you all classes except Reformer Pilates (which in our opinion is the best bit) and workshops are half price. If you want a dedicated Reformer Pilates package then FRAME run a six week programme for £186 that gets you two 60 minute classes a week for six weeks.



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