Forget about your endless to-do lists aT A FULLY IMMERSIVE and MULTI-SENSORY YOGA EXPERIENCE. low impact, low stress and high on happiness, WE JUST WISH WE HAD DISCOVERED IT SOONER.

WHERE: 24 Creechurch Lane, EC3A 5EH London.

TUBE: Liverpool Street.

THE DEAL: FLY LDN describes itself at the “non-Yogi Yoga studio” bringing a fully immersive cinematic experience to the mat. No mirrors or posers allowed, but otherwise it’s for everyone and anyone who wants to try it.

THE WORK-OUT: Yoga in a dark studio, lit up by an expansive HD screen showing images and videos of stunning, serene landscapes. From snow covered mountains to crashing waves, rolling hills, autumnal forests and pristine white beaches, as you flow through the forty five minute class you’ll travel across terrains that match the mood of the class. And the effect is pretty epic. Choose a shorter Signature flow (forty-five minutes) to a longer one if you’ve got more time (seventy five minutes) which combine dynamic, sweat-inducing sequences with deeper breath-work. Not only are the teachers great, you also receive more personalised guidance courtesy of the second assistant teacher who wonders around checking form and alignment. Other classes include “Base Flow”, a class for beginners that sets the basics of a Yoga flow. We loved “Escape the City” which is a slower-paced and more mellow class set to an uplifting playlist. Whichever you choose the point of every class (with the help of the visual screen) is to garner inner relaxation and focus. The dim lighting and cinematic visuals make the class feel almost private. It’s not about anybody else in the room, it’s just about you and your experience. The Thursday night seventy five minute “Flowlife” class is like taking a natural happy pill and the best night-out-in we’ve had in ages. It ends with a short essential oils massage which takes the sensory experience to another level. Flowing in the surrounds of nature left us feeling full of positivity and self-love, which lets face it we could all do with more of. The second studio hosts lower impact mat Pilates and Barre classes to complement the yoga practise. They also offer a well needed respite from the multitude of high intensity classes out there (which by the by sky-rockets stress rather than dials it down).

THE PRICE: Your first time will cost £10. A single class is £20, five-classes £95 and a ten-class pass is £180.



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