An EMPOWERING, energizing WORK-OUT that fuses intense hit + kickboxing. get in the groove and fly high.

WHERE: 350 Euston Rd, NW1 3AX, London.

TUBE: Great Portland Street / Warren Street.

THE DEAL: Physical and mental training to make you feel amazing and easy on the joints.

THE WORK-OUT: The Flykick Signature Formula takes you through high intensity moves fused with classic kickboxing. Don’t fear it’s definitely NOT “boxercise”. The studio is sexy, clean and dimly-lit with UV lights and rows of freestanding kickboxing bags. There are six elements in the formula that make up a class each time. Despite the fact that this class is a fitness boxing fusion, there’s a lot of kicking so no shoes are required and socks are welcome. A flurry of quick fire exercises get you warm and ready for what’s to come. A high intensity full-body blast section leads on from here to get your heart-rate up and fire up the muscles. Think mountain climbers, bur-pees, jump squats, commandos, high knees - the works. Then its time for a slower, mobility focused section to unlock the body before the gloves go on and various drills are carried out on the bag. Work-out hard on your own and also with a partner. Each round is unique, fun and fast-paced and progresses on from each other. Have fun, sweat hard, bond with your partner. This is a boutique fitness studio that is as passionate about giving you a tough, exhilarating training session, as it is getting people together and making fitness social. The energy is contagious and everyone at the studio are friendly. Leave the studio feeling awesome and re-energized (and probably with slightly achy arms). The showers and amenities are also en-pointe so you can nip straight on to work or late night fun. Other classes also available are Flykick foundations which is great starter class for beginners or those wanting a gentler introduction to the class. Time-poor Londoners can also get a quick work-out in at the Flykick express thirty minute sessions, so there’s no excuses!

FYI: First-timers should arrive a bit early for class for a 7-minute induction. You also get a pair of boxing gloves included in your First Time Pack. Otherwise they are available to rent.

THE PRICE: Classes start from £21.