BLOK - Rocket Yoga

an edgy, slick studio so good that these guys had to open a second location.

WHERE: BLOK Shoreditch, Principal Place, 2 Hearn Street, EC2A 3BR, London.

TUBE: Liverpool Street.

THE DEAL: BLOK is the real deal. Following the success of their first studio in Clapton, BLOK Shoreditch is the second location for BLOK London, where award-winning boutique fitness meets art, design and fashion. BLOK Shoreditch offers over 180 classes per week with 32 different types of class, run by specialists in their fields, many of which come from professional dance backgrounds.

THE WORK-OUT: What is rocket yoga, you say? As the name suggests, Rocket Yoga is a fast-style yoga, building on the traditional Ashtanga series of sequences but modified to get you through the movements faster. Even though it’s faster than your usual flow, this does not – for even ONE moment – mean you can slack through sequences! Daisy’s 60-minute lunchtime class will help improve flexibility, stamina and strength. It is invigorating, challenging and professional. Grab a towel and a bottle of H2O before you begin as you’ll get a sweat on! Daisy starts the class with a short box breath exercise (inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4, and so on…), which is great for slowing down the breath, de-cluttering the mind and prepping you for the flow. After breath-work, it’s straight into the sequences, which combine speed and strength through fast-paced vinyasas, downward dogs and sun salutes integrated with a variation of challenging, playful arm balances like crow alongside inversions. Daisy is always on hand to help, guiding you through the poses and adjusting where necessary, helping to create an encouraging environment making you feel like a total boss! The fast-paced flow will catch you out if you are not using the correct form – so make sure you have a working knowledge of yoga before signing up for the class. The class is the perfect mixture of fun and professionalism. You’ll float out feeling light, energised and ready to kick-start your badass self into gear. If you feel a little wobbly after working those muscles, pit stop at BLOK’s café on your way out, which serves a selection signature smoothies, cold-pressed juices and pre and post-fuel breakfasts. After all - we are all about living our best double shot. lives :)

FYI: Amongst the many classes available, BLOK also has weekend/monthly workshops for those wanting to develop and refine their techniques, preparing you for more challenging and advanced exercises.

THE PRICE: BLOK offers class packs (ranging from £17 for one drop-in class to £600 for 50 classes), Flexible Memberships (ranging from £125 for 10 classes per month, to £225 for unlimited monthly classes) and Black Card Memberships (ranging from £100 for 10 classes per month to £180 for unlimited monthly classes).

PAY: Card only.


Written by Georgie Clarke our residential London foodie @georgieclarke10


Al photography credits to max oppenheim.

Al photography credits to max oppenheim.