Via Pilates - Allegro Flow

When you want to ease into the week lying down…on your reformer.

WHEN: Monday 9.20am with Jackie.

WHERE: Via Pilates, Dunckerstr. 84, 10437 Berlin.

THE DEAL: A low-impact but full focus workout that will lengthen your muscles and sort out your posture.

THE WORKOUT: If you feel the weekend has left your body all stiff and tense, start your Monday with this Allegro Flow class. Choose one of the six Allegro reformers and ease into your first workout of the week with a gentle warm-up. Jackie will guide you through some foot work and movements that will waken up the spine, open up your collarbone and get your body ready for what’s next.
We go through a set of movements that flow into one another, using props like the ball or magic circle. You’ll be working your whole body: think leg circles to open up the hips, bridges to work on your hamstrings and butt muscles as well as movements to work your back muscles, core and obliques. Jackie will walk you through the techniques and tell you when to change the resistance of the springs, one of the elements that will determine how hard your muscles will need to work. If you’re a newbie, don’t worry, you can always check what your neighbours are doing.
We did every exercise only a few times but it’s these controlled and slow movements that don’t leave room for momentum (which is what we’re used from other type of workouts) and will lead to muscle fatigue faster. Every movement requires constant focus and realignment. You’ll be scooping your abdominals, tucking your tailbone and squeezing your ribs while pushing out the carriage with your legs to work your hamstrings and butt muscles. And don’t forget to breathe! Nobody said this wouldn’t require any work…maybe that’s also why there is no music during this class. You’re focusing on so many different things at the same time it would probably be more of a distraction than anything else. But since classes are small, there’s time for hands-on corrections and no wrong move goes unnoticed. If there are specific body areas you want to focus on during the class, make sure to let Jackie know, she will adapt her exercises to everyone’s needs.

The Via Pilates studio is no-frills. It’s in a ground floor apartment in a typical ‘Berlin Altbau’ that has been transformed into a workout location (we’ve seen those a lot in Berlin). There is a changing room that will do but don’t expect any fancy amenities, their workouts are the main focus here. Even though you won’t sweat like you might be used from your typical strength class, you’ll definitely feel it the next day! It is a challenging workout as you’re not only working your muscles but also focusing on your breathing, correct positioning and alignment of your body, all at the same time. Which makes it a great way to switch off and get in some You time before heading out to conquer the week ahead of you.

FYI: This class is taught in English.

THE PRICE: €19 for a drop-in class. €199 for their 12 class pack. 62€ for their monthly membership with one class visit per week or 95€ for two per week. You can also book their classes through Urban Sports Club and ClassPass.

BEST FOR: If you don’t feel like killing it in a sweaty session but need a stop between your bed and your office desk.




credit: Via Pilates

credit: Via Pilates

Students doing Pilates exercises on the Allegro reformer at Via Pilates Berlin