Unknown Yoga Club


WHEN: Monday, R&Booty, 19.15pm.

WHERE: Unknown Yoga Club, CHI&CO, Linienstraße 40, 10119 Berlin (enter Chi&Co and make your way downstairs).

THE DEAL: A R&B playlist accompanies this unique fusion of yoga flow and dance to make a challenging and memorable class.

THE WORKOUT: Fortunately for you the secret is out! Unknown Yoga Club is the yoga concept from teacher Rebecca Sunshine who leads secret flow classes underneath a beautiful shop in Mitte. This particular class R&Booty is an urban dance infused yoga class set to a fun R&B - Hip-hop soundtrack combining the breath, with a little choreography, great tunes and a lot of fun. If you’ve had quite a big weekend, then this seventy-five minute class will blow those cobwebs away. Start with some grounding and stillness to tap into the body before moving into dynamic and playful sequences, which are matched to R&B classics. Typical yoga postures like sun salutations and warriors are made more dynamic with faster flowing movements and additional core and glute exercises thrown in to up the burn factor. By the end of class, not only are the feel-good endorphins pumped from the exercise, but also the upbeat, motivating music. Rebecca’s style is warm and welcoming and the space she has created here is really quite special. Mats and blankets are included and there’s plenty of space, so you won’t feel packed in like sardine (and the relaxation pose Savasana is particularly cosy). Rebecca even makes her own cakes that she brings in for everyone to munch over tea with after the flow, which gives her classes really homey vibe.

FYI: there are no showers available here but there is a bathroom to change in.

THE PRICE: €12 for a drop-in class. €24 for unlimited two weeks.

BEST FOR: A break from Berlin’s techno scene with a fun flow underneath a shop (for additional retail therapy benefits!)

Unknown Yoga Club


Yoga students in lotus pose on their mat in a dark room with purple light at Unknown Yoga Club Berlin with Rebecca Sunshine.