Soulbase - TRX Pilates

Ain’t Nobody like a TRX Pilates Body

WHEN: Tuesday 17pm or Saturday 9.15am with Bea.

WHERE: John and Jane’s Soulbase, Rosenthaler Str. 63, 10119 Berlin.

THE DEAL: A workout that will sculpt your body from head to toe and fire up your core a.k.a the powerhouse. Work up a sweat and leave in a good mood.

THE WORKOUT: Walking into the slick studio at John&Jane’s Soulbase, you’ll find TRX suspension trainers hanging from the ceiling. Don’t worry if the sight of all those straps might leave you having second thoughts (was this class really a good idea?!). But no need to feel intimidated! Bea explains how the straps work and starts off with some low intensity moves to get you used to them. The warm-up movements open up the shoulders and start to turn on the core while still keeping your feet on the ground. Next the class moves to balancing poses that will feel familiar if you’ve done Pilates before. The only difference being that you’ll have to test your trust in gravity (and your TRX straps) while working your stabilising muscles even harder for an extra challenge. Bea is very conscientious and is constantly working with you to ensure your technique is on target. Her clear explanations of each exercise ensure you stay injury free. You couldn’t be in safer hands – and stronger ones for that matter #goals. We’re not surprised TRX is Bea’s go-to workout in her own fitness routine. The sequences that follow will move from lower to upper body exercises; think pistol squats and lunges to target the glutes interspersed with jumping squats to get your heart pumping. Finish with triceps, chest and lat presses before Bea moves to a final focus on core (as if it hasn’t been working this whole time already). Expect a couple of plank and side plank variations as well as pikes to sculpt those abs and obliques. What’s so brilliant about TRX is that it works for everyone, no matter what fitness level you have working to your own body-weight. If you want more challenge you can increase the angle between yourself and the TRX and if you want less then you simply step away to reduce the angle you’re working at. Bea’s pop-y playlist strikes the right chord to keep motivation high to fight through the burn. The variety of exercises also require your mind to be focused on integrating core, balance and coordination at once, so it’s great for switching a busy mind off and you'll find time flies! Before you know it you’ll be stretching out those tired muscles during the short cool-down.

THE PRICE: €20 for a drop-in class. €30 for first-timers to try 3 classes over a 2 week period. Monthly memberships: €50 for four classes, €75 for eight classes, €120 unlimited. Package deals range from €18 per class with the 5 class pack to €16.6 per class with the 15 class pack.

BEST FOR: Combining strength, balance and coordination in one class while working on building a rock-solid core.



credit: John & Jane Soulbase

credit: John & Jane Soulbase

TRX Pilates teacher and students doing mountain climbers on a mat while having their feet in TRX straps at John&Jane’s Soulbase Berlin