John's Bootcamp


WHEN: Sunday 11:45am with Alex.

WHERE:  John’s Bootcamp, The Reed, Berlin.

THE DEAL: Berlin’s version of the infamous Barry’s Bootcamp tread work-out, inside infamous boozy brunch destination THE REED.

THE WORKOUT: Fast and furious - and frankly f*cking hard. Alex doesn’t take prisoners, but that’s what we love about her. Plus she is freaking ripped AF and all-round bad-ass lady. Start on the treadmill or the floor and work through three rounds each (six in total). The warm-up starts off nice and easy; on the treadmill a light jog, followed by mobilizing moves like sides steps, lunges and even running backwards! On the floor expect body-weight exercises like lunges, squats, plank walk-outs and press-ups all work together to fire up the body and get it ready for the proper work-out. Once you’re into the next section, its enough with the niceties and time to start into working hard. On the treadmill expect a hamstring hellish combination of hill sprints at a heavy incline, with short bursts of recovery to really work on building power and endurance through the legs. On the floor, this is your weights section. Grabbing a pair of dumb-bells from the back of the room Alex instructs some killer circuits, that have a real root in favoured CrossFit exercises like push-press, deadlifts, rows, weighted lunges and snatches. After this middle section, expect a few seconds of break to rehydrate and switch for your final round. As its your last round, Alex makes sure it counts - and its relentless (in a really good way). Runners will work through sprint intervals for different time periods, before getting some short recovery breaks. The sprints usually end in something called ‘dry-runs’ - an awful invention where the treadmill comes to a complete halt and you move the belt only with your own sheer strength as you sprint it out for the final few minutes. Although horrific, for those wanting to build their cardio capacity these ‘dry-runs’ work wonders. On the floor, it wouldn’t be like Alex to let you off the hook - expect a treat in the form of some metabolic, high intensity conditioning work like burpees, press-ups, mountain climbers, planks, squat thrusters and core-work. All-in-all if you’re looking for a challenge or want a sweaty session come here. Just make sure you go to Alex’s class - she really is the best.

THE PRICE: A drop-in class is €20 (at the moment there is a special offer pay €30 for three classes). Its also part of the Urban Sports Club Offer.

BEST FOR: Sweating out Saturday night’s wine and giving yourself a proper beasting.

John’s Bootcamp

Find Alex teaching around various fitness hotspots in Berlin.


Girls and guys in workout gear, doing side lunges in a dark room with purple lights at John&Janes Powerbase Bootcamp Berlin
A group of people on treadmills while another group is working out on a step with medicine balls in hand in a dark room with blue lights at John’s bootcamp Berlin