Jivamukti Yoga

A real Yogi crew awaits. WHEN YOU GET IN EVENTUALLY…

WHEN: Tuesday 20.15pm Open Class at Mitte, or Friday night live 20.15pm at Kreuzberg.

WHERE: There are two studios you can visit; Mitte and Kreuzberg. Mitte - Brunnenstraße 29, 10119 Berlin and XBerg - Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin.

THE DEAL: Berlin’s offical outposts of NYC’s best-known yoga centre. The reputation of Jivamukti means that they have some of the very best and most experienced teachers around leading the classes. There are also on occasion teachers from other Jivamukti studios in the world who come as guest teachers on their travels, which makes for a nice switch-up. When you arrive, its possible you might pick up a Jivamukti crew vibe - when we tried it we felt like a bit of an outsider (not cool or yogi-like) and all the regulars felt like they were a bit too cool for school. That being said Jivamukti deserves a real chance - we could have come on a bad day or maybe we were feeling sensitive (hence being at yoga). Yoga is all about letting go PLUS its only when you’re not in the crew that its a problem. Once your in your IN. Also the Mitte studio has a cool hangout area in their open courtyard and a cute cafe serving up tasty, healthy lunch food, snacks, coffee and smoothies.

THE WORK-OUT: Jivamuki teaches a range of Vinyasa flow classes in English and German at their two studios in the city. The Jivamukti style of yoga is the perfect balance of dynamic flow, meditation and deep relaxation to end. But these kids spice it up and break the rules of traditional yoga - enjoy flowing through the Vinyasa sequences accompanied to Moby and the Beatles. It's strangely hypnotising and wonderful. And you can't argue with Moby. 

THE PRICE: Jivamukti's 95 minute open class in english  costs €18. First-timers can also sign up for their special trial deal of €39 for a whole month of unlimited classes. 

Jivamukti Berlin