MARTIAL ARTS STUDIO THAT ALSO DOES HIIT AND POWER YOGA. work-out like a ninja with pro-expert trainers and feel awesome.

WHEN: Tuesday Kickfit at 12.30pm.

WHERE: Linienstraße 127, 10115 Berlin.

THE DEAL: A variety of martial-arts classes, alongside HIIT work-outs, power yoga and foam-roll recovery. The space is surprisingly big with multiple studio rooms and nice showers to get changed in (fully complimentary of course).

THE WORK-OUT: Every week the studio runs a mix of martial arts, fitness and yoga classes. Fitness Kick-boxing, Technical boxing, Muay Thai, Kung-Fu and MMA, alongside a couple of HIIT classes are the high intensity portion of the timetable, whilst calming yoga and black-roll serve to complement these sessions. The instructors are absolute experts in their field, with years of experience (even professionally competing as well being featured in big motion picture film as lead stunts-men/women). Classes are kept small so that you can get some one on one attention. For beginners there are special beginner classes that can take you through the ropes of Muay Thai or Kung Fu or Martial Arts for instance before you progress to the more advanced options. Be aware that some classes like the Boxing are very technical - 50 minutes of technique with 10 minutes at the end for sparring and getting the heart-rate up. If you’re after something more ‘fitness’ then go for one of the Kick-boxing fitness or pure HIIT classes. The Black-roll rest and recovery class is also well-worth the time to resolve any muscular tension and sort out bunched up fascia. Particularly recommended if you are working-out regularly, more than 3 times per week. The studio is mainly a walk-in vibe so don’t bother to pre-book.

Bonus! If you’ve got kids Chimosa also runs special kids combat training in the early evenings after school’s out (CUTE). Plus they sell snacks at reception.

THE PRICE: First-timers can sign up for a class for free if you arrange for a consultation (no strings attached) at the same time. Otherwise you can skip the consultation and get it for €10. For regular drop-ins classes are €18 - a little expensive we know, but these guys have got a high-end offering and competing with the likes of Becycle in terms of audience and location, the price starts to seem ok. Chimosa is also available on an Urban Sports Club membership (large) with a small additional fee. 

BEST FOR: If you want to work-out like a ninja and get a 360 approach to your fitness with a fusion of high intensity and active recovery.



Sophie HeywoodChimosa