Hotpod Yoga Berlin


WHEN: Friday flow at 18.30pm.

WHERE: Hotpod Yoga, Karl-Marx-Strasse 75, HH 4.OG, 12043 Berlin.

THE DEAL: When it comes to yoga, we’ve always preferred doing it at regular old room temperature. Bikram yoga (where the room is usually heated around 42 degrees) is just too damn hot for us. But hot pod yoga gets it just right with a warmly heated room (37 degrees) four floors up.

THE WORK-OUT: An hour of Vinyasa flow that works for beginners and well-practised yogis alike. The teachers are very warm and always offer different options to cater for added challenge or self-care, whatever you are feeling in class. The music is GREAT; an eerie mix of the XX and similar tunes sent us into a bit of a haze with the heat and the flow and the hypnotic music. Practise flows through some dynamic standing sequences - nothing out of the ordinary sun salutations, Warrior’s and twists - which really gets the whole pod sweating. Next comes the core work; a series of yoga crunches, boat holds and side-planks, which all seems a lot harder to do in the heat - trust us. Balances were fun and the vibe is so friendly that falling out of poses seems natural. Again its pretty tricky to master these poses like you usually do (we blame the sweaty leggings). Corpse pose (Savasana) to end is amazing. After working so hard its so easy to drift into a sublime resting place in the cosy womb-like warmth of the pod. You almost don’t want to leave when the time comes to re-awaken for the end of class. Definitely a great class to do to get out of the cold in the dark winter ahead.

THE PRICE: A 60 minute open class with double shot is FREE. After that prices start at €15 for a single hot yoga flow class. If its your first time for €16 you can sign-up for a week of unlimited classes. They also take Urban Sports Club memberships.

Hotpod Yoga Berlin