Hi Vibez - Techno Yoga

Like doing yoga, going dancing and having a party?

WHEN: Friday 19.30pm (every two weeks).

WHERE: HiYoga Berlin, Ritterstrasse 26, 10969 Berlin.

THE DEAL: The ideal healthy Friday night out to let go and create your own little dancefloor! Electrify your prana for the weekend and sweat yourself into liberation.

THE WORKOUT: Techno yoga which brings you ninety minutes of dynamic yoga to electronic beats! A lot can be said for the techno scene in Berlin. It’s famous for it in fact and for hosting some of the biggest club nights in history. And now Sophie Senoner, the yogi inventor behind techno yoga, is bringing this epic music trend onto the mat. Techno yoga is now taught by the talented Grace and Kat, two experienced yoga teachers part of the HiYoga collective who both have a healthy spirit and heart for the dance and celebration culture. Both Grace and Kat share the guidance of this class every other week. Taking place in the HiYoga Studio which is expansive, airy and spacious (so you’re not squished in like sardines like many other classes in the city) settle in for a Friday night party on the mat. Techno beats vibrate across the room as you move to the music; the perfect vehicle to take you from the beginning to the end of class. Atmospheric lighting and a good sound system work their magic. The soundtrack changes every time; playful tracks with a little bit of groove and excitement mixed with pieces that have bounce and rhythm to pull you towards feeling good in a kind blissful way. The movements are also high energy forming a free flowing Vinyasa style yoga. It’s so easy to all of sudden become in a trance-like state with the repetitive sun salutes and then adventurous standing sequences. Particular focus is given to postures that build freedom and a connection to the way you can move your body in your own way and feeling into the energy of the room. Sometimes the class might focus on a particular area of the body or a certain posture to get deeper into it, but more often the class has a more free flowing structure. As the movements build so does the pace of the music so you can get lost in your own way to flow. The class is definitely challenging; you will likely sweat and try something you perhaps haven't tried before keeping curious and playful throughout. What we loved about this class is that you are free to fall over, wobble and laugh about the challenges, nothing is taken too seriously! As you get to the final Savasana you’ve reached the final natural high of the evening and it’s glorious. When you wake up for the class closing, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and full of joy. Basically ready for the weekend and living your best healthy hedonist life.

THE PRICE: €9-17 in relation to your income. The class is also on Urban Sports Club.

BEST FOR: A Friday night out when you want a healthy start to your techno ravings.

HiYoga Berlin


Yoga mats with props and blankets laid out in the spacious and bright HiYoga Berlin room.