Aerial Yoga at Flair Studios

Want to turn your Yoga practise on its head (quite literally?!) Then learn to fly and find your om in Aerial Yoga at Flair studios…

WHEN: Monday 19.30pm Beginner Aerial Silks and Thursday 20pm Intro to Aerial Hoops.

WHERE: Holzmarktstraße 15-18 S-Bahnbogen 52, 10179, Berlin.

THE DEAL: If you need to switch up your Yoga practise, then Flair is the place to go for a refresh, change of perspective and to meet a new Yogi crowd. Classes all aim to improve strength, flexibility, body awareness, and critical thinking.

THE WORK-OUT: The timetable is pretty diverse. There’s Aerial yoga, stretching as well as Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks. The Aerial Yoga takes you through familiar yoga sequences but reminds us more of a Iyengar yoga. This is definitely more of a physical practise so if you are after some spirituality then stay with your usual studio. Word of warning: Not that we need to tell you (as a Namaste Yogi you may not even drink) but we don’t recommend coming to these classes on a hangover.

THE PRICE: An intro class at Flair is a bit pricey - €20 - but the classes are kept small so you get that personal touch. 


Sophie Heywoodyoga