Detox Yoga Workout with Eva Kaczor

let berlin’s best psychedelic breath coach and creative yoga maestro take you to a higher plane.

WHEN: Monday and Wednesday at 19pm with Eva.

WHERE: Prenzlauer Berg at Eva's home studio (you get the final address after you sign-up for class.)

THE DEAL: A holistic workout for those truly in-the-know locals (and now you). Work through seventy-five minutes of Eva’s unique yoga and hit fusion for a clearer mind and tighter body.

THE WORKOUT: Eva is one of Berlin’s finest yogis who has been teaching for over a decade around the world, fusing yoga and exercise with music, art and breath work to take traditional practise to a higher, more experiential level. Her mid-week detox classes are definitely more yoga flow than hit workout but they make a truly refreshing offering to the standard classes in the city. Plus they have definitely got all the key elements nailed for effective exercise. Each session differs from the next, but all are based around a dynamic mix of Yoga, HIT, Core Strength, Barre (legs & booty) and deep (even psychedelic) breath-work and open to all levels (whether you’re looking for plenty of assists or more of a challenge). In Eva’s class expect to feel your muscles burn with dynamic, creative flow and core sequences all set to a killer Deep House Playlist. Special breath-work including Kapalabhati and Bhastrika work the core and detox the system to boost immunity and mental clarity. Finally towards the end of class the energy is skillfully taken down to help you to connect back with yourself with a guided meditation and restorative Savasana. Eva is truly a one of a kind teacher. What we love is how local and intimate each class feels, since Eva hosts them at her own home in the city with a regular crowd who turn up every time. If you’re looking for a supportive, different and functional workout where you can meet real local friends and like-minded conspirators then you have to try this out.
FYI: There’s a 24 h cancellation policy.

THE PRICE: A drop-in class is €15 / 5er Card €70.

BEST FOR: Giving your yoga-fitness routine a refresh and really getting “in” with local fitness-yoga chicks.


Eva Kaczor

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Yoga teacher Eva Kaczor in a bodysuit in Warrior 3 pose on stone steps in between trees and bushes
Yoga teacher Eva Kaczor in a body suit with her arms intertwined in a yoga pose with trees in the background