GET TO KNOW FRIENDS ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL (if your prone to vertigo dw - its climbing at bounce-height)  

WHEN: Open during the week from 10am-23pm and closing just one hour earlier at weekends and bank holidays Bouldergarten is your climbing mecca for any day of the week.

WHERE:  Boudergarten, Thiemannstr. 1, 12059 Berlin.

THE DEAL: A destination for keen climbers as well as first-timers. This place is a playground for bouldering aficionados, skilled rope climbers and adventurous souls. You can opt to discover the walls yourself or book onto a lesson to learn new skills. If you need a break there’s also a Sauna and a chill-out garden cafe that serves up tasty treats and coffee.

THE WORKOUT: Bouldering a.k.a rope-less climbing done at a height that is safe to fall (thanks to the cushiony mattresses below you) is a tough upper and lower body work-out. Don’t be fooled into thinking all the work is done with your arm and back strength. This is rookie novice error. Any seasoned climber will tell you that your legs are key to provide the power to push you up and across your wall ascent. Grip strength, stamina and flexibility also come into play. By the end of an hour or two we’ll bet you’ll be feeling tired and muscles will be aching. For those looking for a bit more structure, Bouldergarten also offers introductory one hour classes to bouldering and rope-climbing alongside more advanced classes to help improve technique and movement repertoire. For a personal touch the ‘Trainer’ class offers a one-to-one class which can cover whatever you want. Or you can opt to share you one-to-one with a friend or two for a cheaper price. Every Tuesday rope-climbing classes are also available from beginner (19:00) intermediate (21:10) and advanced (by appointment only). Beginners will learn how to climb and secure in the lead. This class is kept between two to four people to maximise your experience and learning time. Intermediate’s deepen their back-up knowledge and learn additional methods. The advanced class steps it up a notch where you’ll learn to climb and secure in the lead. We’d recommend you get here early in the morning to avoid the crowds and ensure you’ve got plenty of wall space to explore. If you’re keen to include a visit to the Sauna in your visit, then come a bit later on in the day as the Sauna opening hours are only in the afternoons.

THE PRICE: At just €10 you can access the Bouldergarten for the whole day. Sauna and cafe treats are of course extra. There are also reduced rates available for students (€8) and kids (€10) the usual drop-in rate. Introductory class price is just €15 for one hour and includes shoe hire and entry fee. The ‘Better Be’ class is €55 for a pack of four (N.B this is the only class that does NOT include shoe hire or entry fee). The ‘Trainer' class is €40 for an hour for one, €60 split between two and €75 between three. Beginner rope climb class is €40 per person for two hours. Intermediate is €20 for an hour (or just €10 if booked with a beginner class). Advanced is €90 euros per person for X 2 three hour sessions.


For class bookings and enquiries email