If you're feeling homesick then this is the closest Berlin gets to delivering the boutique fitness experience à la Soul Cycle, 1Rebel and Barrecorre. Plus sometimes you're as much in it for the luxury showers and smoothie bar & BRUNCH post work-out as you are for the motivation of a challenging class.....

WHEN: Tuesday 18:15pm BE45 Ride with Madeleine.

WHERE: Becycle's slick studio is located in the heart of Mitte - Brunnenstraße 24.

THE DEAL: The studio offers no contract, pay-as-you-go, high intensity fitness sessions, set to pumping techno and house music, in typical Berlin fashion. My Goodness, the cafe next door, serves up protein smoothies, smoothie bowls with superf ood toppings and lunch to refuel hungry Becycler's. There's also a stylish and sprawling chill-out area with Wi-Fi for anyone wanting to smash out some work or needing a lie down after class.

THE WORK-OUT: Becycle's bread and butter is its signature Ride classes. The standard Be45 class is 45 minutes of high-intensity spinning; feel the burn as you take on a variety of climbs and sprints and of course an obligatory upper weights track for the finisher. For complete sadists Be60 takes it to another level with a full hour of non-stop training. There are also shorter Be30 sessions with 15 minutes of strength and conditioning or core work added on. But whatever session you opt for, you are guaranteed to leave on an exercise high. Instructors are full of energy and push you to work hard. More recently the studio has diversified its offering to provide an antidote to its cardio-heavy sessions. Yoga, Meditation, Mobility and Barre and are now on the menu, as well as sweaty HIIT for those who want to mix it up (double shot are yet to try these out so will report back on this later). 

THE PRICE: This place isn't cheap. One class will set you back €23 a go - first timers get 2 classes for the price of 1.  But if you're looking for the full package - sweaty work-out in a beautiful studio, luxury facilities and tasty food on-site - then you get what you pay for. 

BEST FOR: Fitness junkies who want to work-up a sweat in a slick setting and hang-out with the beautiful people. 


My Goodness


Sophie Heywood