BEAT81 SC23 Mitte

An indoor outpost of this high intensity training chain. So there’s really no excuse.

WHEN: Thursday at 12pm with Christian or Saturday at 11.30am with Angus.

WHERE: Rosenthaler Platz, Brunnenstrasse 10, 10119 Berlin.

THE DEAL: This is one of the best indoor outposts of fitness brand BEAT81. Every work-out requires high-rate monitors which are used to track individual performance so you can train harder and smarter.

THE WORKOUT: The SC23 is one BEAT81 ‘s toughest classes. We recommend the Thursday lunchtime class at 12pm with Christian or Sunday night at 18pm with Matija. In forty-five minutes you’ll feel well and truly challenged. Two exercises are performed back-to-back for twenty-three seconds each for two rounds before you get a rest. That’s one station. The class formula stays the same each time; four double stations which you go round a total of three times. Heart-rate monitors are warn throughout the workout to track performance and keep you motivated to push yourself. Once everyone’s resting heart-rate is accounted for on the screen at the front of class the warm-up begins. Both Christian and Matija are brilliant coaches; energetic, professional and experienced. Before you get flung into the main workout, they both make sure you get your heart-rate well and truly up. In heart-rate monitor terms that means you’re well out of the blue zone and heading into the 80% of your maximum heart-rate red zone. The importance of getting up in the red zone is so that as soon as you begin the first station your heart-rate can work in the higher cardio blasting zones to maximise the burn. The intervals might sound easy on paper, but you’ll quickly find the second set start to get tough. Typically an cardio intensive exercise is paired with a powerful strength move to ensure you get a well-balanced workout that challenges every energy and major muscle group. Think tuck jumps and squat thrusters, followed by mountain climbers and push-ups. Move on to slam balls and high knees with punches holding weighted dumb-bells before making into the final pair; TRX pistol squats on both legs (a killer). Christian and Matija are both very conscientious, moving around the room at all the time to check on form, technique and to keep up motivation until the end of the set. It’s encouraging to see the timer at twenty three seconds each time so mentally you feel like you can stick at it. Each time your heart-rate monitor hits the 90% zone you get awarded a grit-point which shows up live on the screen. Achieve over fifteen points and BEAT81 declares you have unlocked the after-burn effect from the workout. This means you burn calories even after the workout is finished, the perfect environment to build lean muscle and ignite your metabolism. This way of training offers a useful guide as to how hard you are pushing yourself (although the monitors are not 100% accurate). After your four rounds are completed there is a short break to catch your breath back before a final group challenge is set. After working out in a pair or as an individual it is a nice feeling to come together as a group to complete the final minutes with something a bit more light-hearted and fun; think team relays of various exercises, or team crunches set as a race to twenty. A short cool down follows to prevent tight muscles later. For those who love data, like every other BEAT81 workout, after SC23 you receive a detailed report from your heart-rate monitor so you can track performance goals. Over time and regular training it’s encouraging to see performance improve and time needed for recovery between rounds reduce.

THE PRICE: €13 for a drop-in. Monthly memberships: €36 for four classes, €60 for eight classes, €90 unlimited. BEAT81 is also on Urban Sports Club and ClassPass.

BEST FOR: A high intensity, sweaty session with a circuit style of training where you know what to expect.