Take it to the barre and feel the burn. This class is all about those tiny movements that deliver massive impact.

WHEN: Sunday 18-19pm. (There is also class every Tuesday 10-11am or Friday 19-20pm).

WHERE:  Wilhelmsaue 22, 10715 Berlin.      

THE DEAL: If you thought that Barre was a bit of a cop-out as exercise or didn’t do a whole lot, stand to be corrected. This is group barre-work that burns!

THE WORKOUT: Ballet-barre veteran Andrea will make you feel the burn of every single tiny movement and hold you are directed to make. A substantial warm-up starts off the class, with some mobility, core and dynamic stretching. Next Andrea moves you through some upper body and arm focused exercises. Grab your pair of arm weights - choose how hard you want to push it, from 1kg to 3kg, and follow Andrea as she moved through tricep, bicep, front raise, lateral raise and shoulder press exercises. The weights might seem low to some but the sheer length of the repetitions means that your muscles have to really work to keep up. After your upper body efforts, move on to the barre portion of the class where fine-tuned leg movements including first and second position squats, calf raises, lunge-inspired movements and kick-backs, force you to switch on those tiny inner glute and thigh muscles. Movements are creative and fuse ballet, yoga and Pilates all together. The effects are powerful; legs shake, calves burn and expect to sweat. Class ends by moving to the floor on a squishy mat (bring your own towel to lie on if you like) to perform various abdominal exercises; crunches, leg raises, cross body crunches and scissors - the works. Before you go home, Andrea makes sure you get in a good stretch out to release your tight muscles (she’s a rehab specialist, so understands the importance of recovery!) Leave feeling lean, long and probably walking a bit taller too.

FYI: Andrea also teaches at Körtestraße 10, 10976 Berlin.

THE PRICE: A drop-in class is €10.

BEST FOR: Embracing your inner (and perhaps outer) ballerina. This class is great for engaging those deeper muscles with fine movements.

Barre Balance