Ballet Barre Shaping with LEJLAPS.

Feel the burn at the barre and bring some fun back in to your workout routine.

WHEN: Wednesday at 18.30pm with Lejla.

WHERE: Berlin Burlesque Academy, Greifenhagener Str. 64, Prenzlauer Berg, 10437 Berlin.

THE DEAL: A ballet workout taught by former professional dancer and body coach Lejla.

THE WORKOUT: A one hour class using a combination of ballet barre sequences and body-weight exercises to work the whole body. Lejla starts off class with a small warm-up, which ends with some jump squats at the bar to get the heart-rate well and truly up. Lejla then leads a series of ballet barre sequences that targets legs and then moves on to arms and finishes up with a core blast on the floor. This isn’t a class that will leave you out of breath or dripping in sweat, but the exercises really work deep in to the muscles that often get neglected; think lower abs, glutes, triceps and inner thighs. Lejla encourages you to push yourself, but makes sure that proper technique and form are kept, giving out hands-on adjustments as she wanders the room. Classes are kept small to ensure you receive this personal touch. The sequences also require total mental focus and for a whole hour it’s unlikely you’ll be able to worry about anything else than being in the present moment. Like any effective workout the burn at this Ballet barre comes quickly but her post work-out stretching ensures that you won’t feel stiff or sore the next day. Lejla dims the lights for the final warm-down and relaxation, and even gives each person a little head rub to make sure you leave feeling calm. This is certainly a classical ballet class first and barre workout second rather than the other way around, but still highly recommended, if only for Lejla who brings infectious energy and motivation to the whole group.

FYI: A 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all classes booked.

THE PRICE: A drop-in class is €21, four class pack €79. Lejla is also on Classpass and Urban Sports Club.

BEST FOR: Getting deep into muscles you don’t normally work and focusing your mind to master the movements.

Lejla Pantic-Sindric


Former dancer and body coach Lejla Pantic Sindric striking a ballet pose on a mat in her studio at Berlin Burlesque Academy with fully mirrored walls and a ballet barre in the middle of the room