Adidas Runbase TRX Power

Expect to feel sore all over after this one.

WHEN: Saturday 13.30pm with Argi.

WHERE: Adidas Runbase, Schleusenufer 4, 10997 Berlin.

THE DEAL: A full body work-out that will engage your core and your concentration.

THE WORKOUT: TRX is suspension body-weight training which tests the core and brings about the some of the best strength gains you could hope for. Argi leads this epic hour long class that will set you up for the weekend. Class takes place in one of the inside studios, but in the summer you are free to hook up your TRX to the steel workout frame outside in the sun for some alfresco-style training. Argi starts with some much needed mobility movements using the foam roller to work into muscles and loosen up tight areas. Then he moves on to plank variations to switch on the core. The format of the session is broken down into partner work. One person on the TRX and another off using a variety of other equipment on the floor (think Kettle-bells, dumb-bells and slam balls) where you each work in rounds for time (forty seconds on) before a short break (twenty seconds off) to switch over. Usually each mini-circuit is three rounds of two exercises, performed one after the other for forty seconds on and twenty seconds off. Argi clearly explains each exercise to perform and picks up on form and technique so you stay injury free. As the title of the workout suggest, solid strength and power moves are combined with a high intensity cardio stint to keep your heart-rate up and work different energy systems of the body. We started with back and core which consisted of face pulls, pikes, mountain climbers and knee tucks on the TRX and movements like dumb-bell row, mountain climbers, plank shoulder taps and weighted Russian twists on the floor. Then we moved to arms which test your endurance working through various tricep, bicep and shoulder work. The finishing round is legs which build up the intensity to jumping squats and single leg pistol squats on the TRX (an absolute killer for the glute muscles and the core) matched with lunges, Kettle-bell swings and deadly squat thrusters on the floor. Throughout the class Argi keeps you pumped with a feel-good pop-y playlist (it’s nice to have a break from Berlin techno sometimes) and his motivating energy. Cool down with stretching before heading out for lunch (trust us your muscles will be needing it) and more Saturday fun.

THE PRICE: €10 for a drop-in class or €25 for three classes. The class is also on Classpass and Urban Sports Club.

BEST FOR: A serious strength session led by an experienced instructor with the possibility of alfresco-style training (if the weather holds!)

Adidas Runbase


Guys and girls doing different workouts on TRX straps outdoor at adidas runbase Berlin
A guy in a squat position while holding TRX straps indoor at adidas runbase Berlin