another cross-fit we had to try. no messing around here so be prepared to sweat. a lot. there's a massive outside area which is also a perk, but not ideal in the sweltering mid-day heat so stay hydrated people.

WHEN:  Saturday 10am CrossFit class.

WHERE:  It's in Mitte (obviously) - Heidestrasse 48, a short stroll from Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

THE DEAL: Quite a small set-up but with all the equipment and facilities you need (lockers, showers etc. ). The big outdoor concrete-jungle space is a plus and used a lot in the work-outs which we liked. The owner is super friendly and the members cheer each other on. The good news is you can use your Urban Sports membership here. 

THE WORK-OUT: Typical Cross-fit WOD's (Work-outs of the day) and Fitness WOD's (or METCONS). For those unfamiliar with this you're looking at combinations of AMRAPs (as many rounds of possible), TABATA's (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) and a set number of rounds of specific exercises back-to-back. We're talking running, burpees, box jumps, dumb-bell thrusters, snatches, back squats, weighted lunges and for the super advanced hand-stand push-ups and ring muscle ups. They also have something called 'abs of steel' which we're yet to try but assume you'll be doing some core-crushing exercise-based fun. 

THE PRICE: There's a special first month membership offer of €75 which is pretty decent value. After that the prices go up and depending on your commitment you pay €110  to go one to two times a week upwards to  €180 for unlimited. If you're just after a drop-in class then its €15 a go or buy a pack of ten for €149.  

BEST FOR: A committed Cross-Fitter looking for a box with good outdoor space. It's also a great drop-in class if you've got a bit complacent and want to shock your body with a seriously tough work-out. 

Crossfit Mitte

Sophie Heywood