Want to find the perfect gym in Berlin?


8 things you NEED to know to find your dream gym

With so much going on and so little time its no wonder finding a place to work-out can seem so tough. We break the whole process down for you from start to finish so you can find the best gym in Berlin in a matter of minutes…

When you move to a new country there’s always an endless list of things to do. The Germans especially are sticklers when it comes to life admin (we call it ‘ladmin’), so make being on top of tax, visa, job and health insurance stuff your priority. But when all that has been taken care of you’re probably burnt out from research and hassle and just want a quick fix to join a gym. We hate to break it to you - there’s no such thing as an easy fix. That’s why we’ve done all the work for you so you can find the right gym for you within minutes by asking the right questions and going to the right places…


    Do you like going to the gym? Or perhaps you love running? Or addicted to CrossFit? Or find yourself on the mat at yoga? Whatever your fitness tribe there’s plenty in this city to suit everyone and anyone. But deciding on whether you’ve found your fitness niche or looking for something more general is the first step to finding the right fitness place for you. If you want variety then perhaps a class membership like Urban Sports Club rather than a traditional gym is right for you. If you want to go it alone and you’re the kind of person who cherishes the alone-time and head-space the gym environment brings then the more traditional gym membership sounds like the one for you. Or if you’re a pure yogi or dedicated Cross-Fitter looking for a like-minded committed community then joining one particular studio or box might be the way to go.


    If you’re torn between Urban Sports Club or joining a gym that also hosts lots of exercise classes itself then you might like to consider what matters most to you. The benefits of signing up to a flexible class structure like Urban Sports Club is that you can explore the city and try out all the different classes as much as you like, so you never get bored. But it means you aren’t likely to build friendships or a sense of community that quickly (since you’d be going to lots of different classes and never to the same place). Signing up to one gym might be more convenient to where you live or work (and therefore perhaps you’re more likely to go). However, it also has its draw-backs in that to benefit from the best gym membership offers signing up and committing to 12 or even 24 months locks you in for a LONG time. There’s no flexibility and if you don’t like the facilities or the classes there, then you’re stuck with them. It might also limit how much you explore the city’s fitness scene {we hope not - that’s where double shot. comes in :) }


    € Big Chains: McFit, Superfit, Green Gym

    €€ Mid-tier: John Reed, EVO gym, Kraft Kombinat, John Reed

    €€€ Higher-end: Holmes Place, Fitness First, Just Fit Club

    €€ - €€€ Female only: Fitness First Women, John Reed Women, My Shape, Mrs Sporty, LAGOA Yoga

    €€ - €€€ Classes: Urban Sports Club


    We’ve been in this fitness thing a long time. And we can tell you that if your gym or fitness place isn’t in close proximity to your home or work unless you have the motivation of a body-building competitor then you will find it easy to make excuses not to go. Make it as easy as possible for you to get to the gym and that means picking somewhere nearby. Take a stroll around and see what your options are and then write down a shortlist of what your top 3 places would be.


    If you call up before-hand most gyms will offer you a free trial session at the gym before you commit to becoming a member. But make sure you relax and take advantage of this free visit. DON’T FEEL PRESSURE TO COMMIT ANYTHING on the day. You have every right to be there and try ALL the facilities out before deciding whether you want to return as a member. If things like nice showers are important to you - try them out. If you are planning on joining a gym for their classes then try and see if you can try one out and see their class timetable to ensure there are classes that would fit with your work / life schedule.


    From there, you need to decide on your budget and what’s realistic without having to pay everything upfront and signing your life away for 24 months. If you don’t have much budget then maybe joining a running group on meetup for free or a boot-camp class at your local park twice a week makes more financial sense?


    Most gyms will welcome you with open arms so the joining process is pretty quick and stress-free. Some places its easy to sign up online (like EVO gym) otherwise you can also go in person to discuss your options more thoroughly (and even ask for a cheeky additional discount - you don’t ask, you don’t get!)


Remember to work-out because you love yourself. We are all about body positivity here people. And fitness should be just that - a positive and enjoyable aspect in your life that ADDS not takes away .If you’re not motivated and CBA then try to think about how much respect you’d be showing to your body by working out. Equally using fitness as a punishment to compensate for eating ‘bad’ or not hitting your work-out goals that week isn’t healthy. Ultimately fitness is there to help us take care of and nourish our bodies (and achieve cool sh*t like running a long way or lifting a lot or hitting a PB). Look after it (and have fun) - its the only one you get!