Are you a CrossFitter, Namaste Yogi or Running rebel? Find your fitness tribe in Berlin.

Whether you’ve caught the CrossFit bug, relish pounding the city streets or like to find yourself on the mat at Yoga, we are here to hook you up with Berlin’s fitness tribes. double shot wants to create the community where you can find your crowd, make friends for life and have an awesome work-out…

Runpack Berlin image

Runpack Berlin image


Find them: Punching it out at CHIMOSA.

How to spot them: Practising their one-two, one-two combo jabs before class.

Do say ‘Want to partner up?’

Don’t say ‘Can I borrow your gloves?’


Find them: At a RIDE Brln or Becycle sweating it out on the bike.

How to spot them: These people are high performers. They turn up in Lululemon Lycra looking immaculate and work-out hard. Then they’re off in a flash to the changing rooms to power shower and head to work or out for a night on the town.

Do say ‘Turn up the resistance!’

Don’t say ‘This work-out is a bit intense’


Find them: At their local CrossFit box smashing their way through the latest WOD (a.k.a. work-out of the day).

How to spot them: They’re at the same classes every week - don’t mess with the timetable.

Do say ‘Want to practice muscle-ups together?’

Don’t say ‘Shall we skip today’s Metcon (metabolic conditioning)?’


Find them: Gasping for air to catch their breath at a HIIT class.

How to spot them: In the Apple store buying the latest fitness data gear to track heart-rate progress and recovery in work-outs.

Do say ‘Shall we grab a protein smoothie after?’

Don’t say ‘I don’t have the energy for this’


Find them: Saving their spot at the front (the yogi FROW), 30 minutes before class starts.

How to spot them: In healthy cafes across town sipping on some Kombucha.

Do say ‘Meet you on the mat’

Don’t say ‘Want to hit a night at Berghain after?’


Find them: On the Reformer bed, feet in the straps, ready to lengthen and tone those Glutes.

How to spot them: They look deceptively lithe and svelte all year round.

Do say ‘Your core is getting really strong!’

Don’t say ‘What’s the point? I don’t think Pilates does anything’


Find them: Pounding the streets; along the Spree, in the leafy Tiergarten or around the track at TempelhoferFeld.

How to spot them: Spending money on fitness? Why bother when the world is your gym? The running rebel keeps fitness free and wants to be outdoors in the fresh air. Running with the pack and improving pace is the prime goal. It’s nice to find some motivation with a run group - you run, train, travel and party together.

Do say ‘Fancy signing-up to a 10k?’

Don’t say ‘It’s too cold to go out’


Find them: In the Grunewald or on the football pitch; the heart of nature, drinking in the fresh air as they hike, bike, climb mountains or play team sports All in a days work.

How to spot them: Always prepared in the event of bad weather, the outdoorsy type has got the gear and an intimidating Strava route listing. Also look out for rosy, flushed complexions (from being out in the cold) and sunny disposition (its impossible to get SAD syndrome if you’re out and about all the time).

Do say ‘Can I follow you on Strava?’

Don’t say ‘I’m not really into nature - I hate mud.’


Find them: At the latest studio openings, new pop-up classes and cutting-edge work-outs.

How to spot them: All over it people don’t have a regular work-out style; they like everything from HIIT, to TRX, Boxing, Yoga and Barre. They just want to try out whatever is new and cool out there that will also work up a serious sweat. Boutique fitness classes and wellness openings are what they look out for .

Do say ‘Are you going to that new pop-up HIIT class next week?’

Don’t say ‘I prefer to stick to my regular gym routine’

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