what is double shot?

double shot is your original guide and route-planner to Berlin, London and Barcelona with fitness + food + party mash-ups. A double shot is the double whammy of health + hedonism things to do. We always make sure they are walking distance from each other to make the whole thing seamless.


what's this newsletter about?

The double shot newsletter is your monthly endorphin hit. Every month we send out a new route mash-up in the city to try. It could be a work-out and a healthy brunch option, a fitness event and party night nearby, a pop-up festival and power flow or a supper-club and meditation gong bath combo. We switch it up every month and find the best the city has on offer. 



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how can i follow what else is going on?

Follow us on Instagram @double.shot.collective or join our double shot. community on Facebook.

how can i get in touch 

You can hit us up on Instagram and slip into our DM's. Otherwise please contact us directly through the site on our Contact section (at the bottom) and we will get back to you asap. 


what about these meet-ups then? 

The main purpose of double shot - apart from finding out what's awesome in Berlin and London and making a route that's super easy to follow - was to create a community of cool people who like doing the same types of things we do. So we are working behind the scenes to bring you double shot sessions - where we don't just recommend double shots to you but we take you there all together. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our events - we hope you can join us!