HEALTHY AND FRESH BRUNCH AND LUNCH, SANS PRETENSION IN THE HEART OF Neukölln. Get ready to settle in for the afternoon…

WHERE:  Friedelstraße 25, 12047 Berlin.

U / S BAHN: Schönleinstraße.

THE DEAL: Your new go-to healthy brunch-lunch place - without any bs healthy hipster pretention.

THE FOOD:  Firstly, its delicious. Secondly its super vegan and veggie friendly. When you arrive make sure you get yourself a coffee; a smooth and softer taste makes it a people-pleaser. Settle down into one of the cosy tables, and soak up the tunes before getting started on the food menu. These guys serve up everything you could want for breakfast; from scrambled eggs (cooked perfectly with good quality eggs) to warming porridge oats or wicked French toast with fruit and ricotta. The daily salad bowls are also fresh and creative throwing a mix of seasonal veggies, grains, greens and more together in a generous portion. You can basically feel the injection of health as you chow down on all the goodness. Other options include homemade soup (for those colder days), homemade quiche and various sandwiches featuring vegan friendly veggies and tofu, goat cheese or smoked salmon. For those with a sweet tooth, there are always freshly baked home-made treats and cakes. Wash it down with a green juice if you really need an immunity booster. Or for lazy, cold weekends a sneaky beer or glass of vino slips down a treat!

THE PRICE: Bircher muesli €5.5, Porridge €6, Scrambled eggs €8, Buddha Bowl €8, French toast €8.5. Salad €7.5, sandwiches €5-5.5. Drinks: Flat white €3, long black €2.3, espresso €1.7, fresh tea €3. Plant-based milks: €0.5. Green smoothie €4.5, fresh juice €3.5 and glass of wine €4.

PAY BY: €ash and card.  

BEST FOR: A friendly place to eat interesting and healthy brunch bowls.