Takumi Nine

Satisfy your Ramen cravings on a cold rainy day. This is authentic, tasty, and best of all affordable.

WHERE:  Takumi Nine, Pappelallee 19, 10437 Berlin (there’s a sister branch “Sapporo” at Chausseestraße 124).

U / S BAHN: Eberswalder Straße / Berlin Schönhauser Allee.

THE DEAL: Hot and comforting bowls of authentic Ramen.

THE FOOD: Ramen - obviously - done really well. The two house Ramens are the ones to go for. These are a typical Ramen dish made with fresh vegetables, teriyaki chicken, soft boiled egg and noodles with either a miso or soy sauce base. For those concerned with salt, go for the Miso base. Veggie’s and vegans also have plenty of choice. The Miso Ramen with vegetable tempura is tasty but the tempura gets soggy quickly so as a combination it might not be for you. Spicy Ramen with veggie soy meat is spicy, warming and flavourful. The veggie soy meat comes more as a garnish than a proper portion, but there are plenty of vegetables and firm noodles packed in to compensate. There are also other meat options with minced chicken or deep-fried chicken. You can also pimp up your bowl with smaller toppings like soft egg, seaweed, spicy sauce and beansprouts. There’s also a tasty range of starters on the menu (like dumplings, edamame and sweet aubergine), but we vote going straight in for the main. Service is friendly and quick - plus with all that liquid the Ramen is filling and super satisfying. Prices are a little hefty, but if all you want is Ramen then you won’t be disappointed.

THE PRICE: Edamame €3, Ramen €9.8- 14.8. Small toppings €1, extra rice €1.5, extra chicken or veggie tempura €3. Water and green tea €2. Beer €3.5.

PAY BY: €ash and card.  

BEST FOR: A hot, steaming bowl of Ramen goodness.

Takumi Nine