Rocket + Basil

The new kid on the block making healthy food taste unexpected and delicious.

WHERE:  Rocket + Basil, Lützowstraße 22, 10785 Berlin.

U / S BAHN: Kurfürstenstr. (Berlin).

THE DEAL: Sister duo Sophie and Xenia and the pop-up queens behind Das Brunch have finally opened up a permanent spot with their first ever cafe near the Tiergarten. Rocket + Basil is named after the duo’s pets; Rocket being Xenia’s cat and Basil being Sophie’s dog.

THE FOOD: Food cooked by people who love it always tastes better. Here the cafe is dedicated to breakfast, brunch and lunch since its only open until 17pm but the produce is fresh and seasonal to make this a step up from your usual lunchtime fare. Casual dishes are made delicious and beautiful. With a mixed heritage growing up as German-Iranians in Australia Sophie and Xenia create unexpected, exciting but healthy food that uses all the very best of Middle Eastern cuisine. For instance the “Breakfast salad” is a plate of roasted, spiced vegetables, grains, salad and a perfectly cooked poached egg. Dippy eggs come in the form of two organic soft boiled eggs with melted halloumi, red pepper and preserved lemon relish and brioche toast. We wish that the ratio of brioche toast to halloumi was switched around but apart from that this is a dish of childhood dreams. More basic dishes like the bacon roll comes up trumps. A fried egg and double-bun ensures satiation for hours. There are also some seriously good sandwiches available. But not sandwiches as you know them. These are sandwiches made into the best versions that they could possibly be. The chicken schnitzel sandwich for instance is packed with well-cooked chicken with a crunchy outside, plenty of veggies and a zingy dressing. Likewise the vegan sandwich with roasted cauliflower and green tahini is an option that vegans will never feel short-changed to order. During the week there’s also a lunch menu with rotating salads, sandwiches and Persian stews served with crispy rice, which look divine. The only downside is the slow service, but ‘good things come to those who wait’ so you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

THE PRICE: Bacon roll €8.5, Chicken Schnitzel sandwich €8.5, Vegan cauliflower breakfast Sandwich €8.5, Omelette €10.5, Breakfast salad €11. Week-day salads: €6.5-10.5, stews €13-15. Drinks: coke zero €3, flat white €3.8.

PAY BY: €ash and card.  

BEST FOR: Eating delicious, healthy and tasty food. The kind of food we always crave but is so hard to find in the city.

Rocket + Basil