Osmans Töchter

forget kebabs. this is high quality turkish feasting food made with love in the heart of prenzlauer berg.

WHERE:  Osmans Töchter, Pappelallee 15, 10437 Berlin.

U / S BAHN: Schönhauser Allee.

THE DEAL: A cosy restaurant, modern Turkish cooking, twinkling lights and friendly service.

THE FOOD: This is the place to come to indulge (both on the food and potentially the size of the bill). A vibrant meze awaits of elevated Turkish dishes which are best enjoyed by sharing with friends. This goes way beyond the generic Kebab. Owned by three Turkish sisters, the food is a mix of traditional dishes made with a modern flair. The result is delicious, fresh and comforting plates that you could keep on ordering until closing time. The interiors too are warm and welcoming; an antique Turkish carpet adorns the back wall of the restaurant, sharing tables and benches are covered with hand stitched cushions and overhead jar lights give the place some cosy romance. The menu is quite lengthy, so you need to allow time to make your way through it. Order some homemade pomegranate iced tea or grapefruit lavender lemonade while you decide (don’t worry they also have a selection of nice wine). Around two or three dishes per person are the ballpark figure of what to order. Classic creamy hummus is a must-order as is the smoked eggplant Babaganoush and spicy red pepper Muhammara dip. Every dish is served with what is terms ‘Fatma’s housemade bread’, which comes warm and pillowy and tastes like heaven even plain by itself. Crispy phyllo rolls packed with feta and vegetables like eggplant, pumpkin and spinach are generously filled with a satisfying crunch. Fish Kofta and Seabass with sweet potato were stand-out dishes. The fish is well-cooked and fresh. Meat-eaters will also enjoy the grilled meatballs and lamb chops where the meat takes on a ton of flavour and the juices are perfect to mop up with Fatma’s bread. If you have room for two hummus dishes then you can order the classic with chunks of Turkish garlic sausage (sucuk) where the spices of the meat perforate across the whole dish. At this point it is unlikely you’ll have room for dessert (we never got to it). However, if you do then there are some more Turkish classics which should undoubtedly fill that hole, the best one being the ‘Muhallebi’. This is sweetened milk cream (similar to panna cotta) that is served with roasted “angel hair” dough string and sharp fruit compote to cut through the sweet. A fragrant tea should finish off the meal perfectly. A word of warning - despite the delicious food, the prices are quite high and if you aren’t careful it is very easy to rack up an expansive bill (ordering all those plates). Prices aside, the food and atmosphere does magic up a mixture worth coming back for. We approve.

FYI: In nice weather you can also sit outside and enjoy dinner alfresco.

THE PRICE: Muhammara €5 Hummus €5, Smoked eggplant €6.5, Fish Kofta €9.5, Seabass with sweet potato purée €12.9, Grilled meatballs €9.9, Phyllo rolls €7.9. Drinks: Pomegranate iced tea €3.5, Lavender grapefruit lemonade €4.9, Aperol Spritz €5, Prosecco €4.

PAY BY: €ash and card.  

BEST FOR: Revelling in a Turkish feast in a buzzing setting and leaving very satisfied, happy and full.

Osmans Töchter