WHERE: Skalitzer Strasse 36, 10999 Berlin.  

THE DEAL: Banging Korean food, with mood lighting, outdoor seating and most importantly decent prices (which means you can actually just go overboard with the ordering but who the hell cares?!) 

THE FOOD: Really frick'in good. Authentic Korean cooking that is quite addictive. We are in love with their sizzling hot "BIMBIMBAP" - we tried the vegan and the beef (that was M) and both agreed they were some of the best we've had in a while. The rice was perfect - lovely and crunchy at the bottom where it sticks to the hot bowl - and the vegetables and spicy sauce and toppings are lavished generously on. Other winners on the menu include the Spare Ribs - "DAEJI GALBI" (seriously messy and sticky). We didn't get a chance to try a Hot pot  but it seems like a nice thing to order for a group of friends to share. At lunchtime they have a special of a miso soup with a Bimbimbap and drink of your choice. 

THE PRICE: Not bad considering the massive portions. For starters the Miso Soup is €2.90 and dumplings (you get 5) €6.90. All Korean Classics come with three side dishes and rice; the infamous "DOLSOT BIBIMBAP" is available with beef and egg, crunchy tofu and egg and just crunchy tofu for the vegans out there and is €12.90. The other classics range from €12.90 up to €17.90 for the "SO BULGOGI" . The Korean BBQ and Hot Pots are served with different side dishes & rice. BBQ prices start from €16.90 for the vegan spicey seitan dish ("YACHAE GUI VEGAN")  and climb up to €23.90 for the Argentinian entrecote steak ("GALBI ROS GUI"). Hot pots or "JEONGOL" as they are known on the menu range from €14.90 - €17.90. Wine and beer start from €3 a glass / bottle and cocktails are €8.50 a pop. 

PAY BY: €ash and card.  

BEST FOR: Korean food lovers and anyone who wants to eat well (and a lot) without splashing too much €ash.