Natural wine and seasonal plate spot that is not to be missed.

WHERE:  JAJA, Weichselstraße 7, 12043 Berlin.

U / S BAHN: Rathaus Neukölln.

THE DEAL: A place where your whole night can easily disappear, along with a bottle of their delicious wine (or two).

THE FOOD: The people here treat wine with the respect it deserves; nothing but the ingredients of grape, soil and sun makes these all-natural wines utterly drinkable, fresh and fruity, no additives in sight. A wide selection of red, white - and what we were pleased to discover - orange wines feature on the menu, which by the way, has over three hundred different bottles. Only the freshest, local and high quality ingredients are used to deliver the best flavours to you on various plates of food. Combinations are creative and at times experimental. Take oyster with rhubarb for example; not something we would ever put together but a plate that tasted great. Homemade bread is delivered warm to the table, along with juicy olives to nibble on whilst you choose more dishes. A light salad of radicchio, walnut and orange is bitter-sweet, crunchy and light and works perfectly with richer dishes like beef tartare and pickled pear and smoked halibut croquettes with tartar sauce (a nice little take on fish fingers). Every plate is well-balanced, light and lets the produce used speak for itself (along with the wine of course). Creamy Burrata works nicely with mint and pine nuts and squid escabeche (meaning the squid is marinaded and cooked in vinegar) is softened with apple and wild garlic. To finish there are only two desserts, but both equally worthy of ordering. Panna cotta, rhubarb and white chocolate is subtle yet sweet. The grapefruit sorbet that comes with the pistachio and olive oil is the most citrusy and natural sorbet we might have ever tasted. We imagine that in the summer it might be perfect with a shot of vodka.

FYI: Drop by this weekend and have a glass (or two) on the house this coming Saturday 6th of April where Jaja celebrates its third birthday and the launch of their Online Shop.

THE PRICE: Bread €2.5, olives €3, Radicchio €6, Halibut €5, Squid €8, Burrata €10, Beef tartare €10. Desserts €5. Drinks: glass of wine starts from €4.

PAY BY: €ash and card.  

BEST FOR: Avoiding a hangover with seasonal plates of tasty food to line the stomach whilst you guzzle down the delicious, natural wine.