Cafe Mugrabi

a Brunch line-up you don’t want to miss.

WHERE:  Cafe Mugrabi, Görlitzer Str. 58, 10997 Berlin.

U / S BAHN: Schlesisches Tor.

THE DEAL: When you’re bored of the usual avo on toast, come here. Don’t miss ordering the Mugrabi dish and anything with hummus off the menu.

THE FOOD: Cafe Mugrabi is one of those cafes that Berlin does so well. Delicious Levantine food served up in a surprisingly peaceful space next to dodgy Görlitzer Park. The food is so good that you should go with friends to order a lot of dishes to share. The Shakshuka here is one of the best; two bio eggs baked in a tomato paprika sauce, paired sourdough & yoghurt and served piping hot an in iron skillet. The green Shakshuka offers an interesting twist substituting tomato with spinach and feta cheese so the feta tastes a bit more powerful. Vegans have got plenty to choose from on the menu too. From overnight oats to the house special ‘Mugrabi’, which can be made vegan (with aubergine) or non-vegan (with bio-eggs and feta), featuring cubed fried potatoes, tomatoes, spinach and creamy Tahini. The ‘Hebron’ sandwich is also a delicious carby plate with aubergine, Tahini and Za’taar spices on moist Sourdough bread. And don’t forget to order some of their house hummus; be it as a stand alone hummus dish or as a ‘Hamshuka’. The hummus is smooth, rich and completely addictive that you’ll be wiping the plate clean. Coffee addicts can also get a good brew here too, with the cafe serving up a great flat white with all the milks available (oat, almond, soya and cow). Savour the flavour as you sit on the pavement outside watching the world go by. After food is a good time to order to wake you up from the food coma.

THE PRICE: Green Shakshuka €9.5, Mugrabi €10.9, Hummus Sabich €10.9, Hamshuka €9.5, Cauliflower €6, Hebron Sandwich €6.8, Overnight oats €6.2. Drinks: Flat white €3.5, Homemade Lemonade €3, Aperol Spritz €5.

PAY BY: €ash and card.

BEST FOR: A guaranteed good brunch or lunch place with outside seating perfect for people watching.

Cafe Mugrabi


Hummus with tomatoes, eggs and potatoes at Cafe Mugrabi Berlin
Poached eggs on spinach, potatoes and feta cheese served on sourdough bread at Cafe Mugrabi.