IN THE THICK OF WINTER, GET YOURSELF SOME EXTRA IMMUNITY with blends of cold-pressed juices, designed for you by a nutritionist at a family-run juice joint.

WHERE: Metzer Str. 10, 10405 Berlin.

U-Bahn: Senefelderplatz.

THE DEAL: THE place to go for cold-pressed juices and healthy shots in Berlin.

THE DRINKS:  Welcome home gwyneth and goopers -if you’re into juice then come here. BJuice is a family-run, sleek and beautifully designed little place in P’berg, whose offering is pretty simple; cold-pressed juices and super-charged superfood juice shots. If you’re not really a ‘juice person’ but need a natural influx of vitamins to protect you from the winter cold or a pick-me-up after a stint of travel, then come here too. The benefits of cold-pressed are quite impressive. They are made with a special press to extract the maximum liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables. No additional heat or oxygen is used in the process, meaning that no nutrients are lost via chemical or heat processing, and the natural potency of every ingredient is preserved. This also means that in their raw form, each juice is made fresh (read short shelf life), and being designed by their on-site nutritionist, bJuice you really are getting bang for your buck. The extensive range of juices and more intense juice shots are as tasty as they are effective. You’re likely to feel refreshed and re-energized after just one, and your skin refreshed after regular dosage. The very, super-potent green juice packed with predominantly vegetables and a dash of lemon is definitely one for hard-core fans. The bVogue is sweeter on the palate, with tropical pineapple and watermelon, and a fiery kick of chilli that hits afterwards. BSharp is a crowd-pleasing combination of carrot, apple and refreshing lemon, packed full of vitamins A,B, and C. BGlowing is a potent-looking red juice that’s made with beetroot, carrot, celery, ginger, lime and lemon. The components are an on-the-run beauty booster with skin softening and smoothing minerals and vitamins to give you that glow. Our favourite is BPriceless, which mixes pineapple, ginger, orange, ginger, turmeric and lime altogether for a serious vitamin hit; calcium, zinc, vitamin C, plus the anti-inflammatory healing qualities from the turmeric all work together for a multi-tasking, great tasting, thirst-quenching drink. The shots on offer are more intense - both in flavour and superfood potency - which make them perfect for a quick hit. Whatever you choose the people at bJuice are very friendly. Plus the layout makes the choosing easy, since every ingredient and corresponding benefits are written out next to each juice. So the verdict? We aren’t really into “detox” and “cleansing” ourselves either but for a health booster this place is really the best.

THE PRICE: Smoothie (500ml) is €5.6. Juice shot €3.

PAY BY: €ash and card.  

BEST FOR: Winter flu protection. It’s also great for healing your gut and detoxing after a heavy couple of weeks.