Urban Baristas

Another aussie-style coffee and brunch set-up That nails all the basics, and more! FAST WIFI AND CHILLED VIBES ALSO COME WITH THE TERRITORY.

WHERE: 11 Queensway, London W2 4QJ.

TUBE: Queensway.

THE DEAL: This is number four in the Urban Baristas family (other outposts include Waterloo, Wapping and Bounds Green), right next to cardio bunny hotspot Barry’s Bootcamp. It’s set- up by two quality aussie blokes - so they really know what they are doing when it comes to great coffee and tasty brunch.

THE FOOD: All the things you want from a cafe; great coffee, fast service, healthy brunch food, fast wifi and a relaxed vibe. Food is served until 4pm so its really a day hang-out spot. The cafe is also right next door to Barry’s Bootcamp, so be aware of occasional stampedes for flat whites and protein chocolate peanut smoothies by lycra-clad beauties. After that the vibe is buzzy and chill at the same time. The coffee has a lovely roasty, slightly bitter tang and they have all the milks you could desire available. The menu forms into three main sections; bowls, breads and brunch. Bowls feature classics like Acai, Bircher Muesli or coconut yoghurt with granola. The Acai is sweet (but not too sweet), fruity and a lovely thick texture. Breads a.k.a. “On Sourdough” features your standard “Simply smashed avo” but slightly sexed up with lime, dukkha and micro herbs. Other great toppings include banana and nut butter (using Pip & Nut peanut butter) or smoked salmon, cream cheese and pickled cucumber. The pickled cucumber really makes the salmon one, lending a fresh and slightly acidic-sweet taste to cut through the thick creaminess of the cheese. The final section of “Brunch vibes” has more creative stuff. We love the “Bondi Brekky Bowl”, which pretty much combines every healthy brunch ingredient together in a giant bowl; smoked salmon, poached egg, spinach, avocado, hummus and quinoa. Alternatively embrace your basic bitch and get “The Basic” of two eggs with Sourdough. There are plenty of sides and extras you can order to pimp it up too, from parma ham, avocado, halloumi to egg and mushrooms. The food comes out fast and whilst your waiting there is also a fresh selection of baked goodies at the counter like vegan banana bread, courgette bread, brownies and muffins. We also love the fact that all the take-away lids and cups are bio-degradable. Depending on your appetite and your gym routine, the smoothies are pretty wicked here. “No sugar in my coffee” with chocolate protein, nut butter, oat milk, espresso and banana is the perfect protein shake to grab first thing on-the-go to work. “Peanut butter conspiracy” features vanilla protein, nut butter, almond milk, blueberries and banana for a lighter touch. Sadly, at the moment the proteins they use are only whey based so if you’re vegan or not a dairy queen then give the smoothies a miss for now.

FYI: Every two hours the wifi expires so if you want to be there for a while to work, then spread your orders out to max out your wifi time slot ;)

THE PRICE: Acai bowl £7.5, Smashed avo £7.5, Salmon and cream cheese £7.5, Bondi Brekkie Bowl £11.25, The Basic £5.5, French toast £6.95. Extras: Poached egg £1.5, Smashed avo, smoked salmon and mushrooms all £4.5. All smoothies £6 and Flat white £2.8 (+30p for oat milk).

PAY BY: €ash and card.

BEST FOR: When you need good coffee, a healthy brunch food and fast wifi.

Urban Baristas


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