The Begging Bowl


WHERE: The Begging Bowl, 168 Bellenden Road, SE15 4BW, London.

TUBE: Peckham Rye.

THE DEAL: Tasty AF Thai food that will spice up your life and also leave you feeling satisfied and full of love.

THE FOOD: In a relaxed setting on a seemingly leafy, residential street in Peckham you will come across a real Thai food-find. Inside is brightly-lit, inviting and designed with a rustic-chic flair. Most importantly, the place is always busy which brings a fantastically relaxed energy. The menu dictates Thai classics that have been creatively reinvented by the talented kitchen and converted into sharing plates. Winning dishes include deep-fried whole seabass with green mango and roasted rice with tamarind chilli dressing which is spiced to perfection. The fish comes succulent and juicy with a fresh, spicy kick of mango and chilli dressing. A starter of spicy Thai fishcakes hits the spot for a tangy, hot, and slightly sinful plate to line the stomach before the main course. Larger dishes are a far bit more experimental. The tamarind Guinea fowl is nice take on the more traditional tamarind duck dish and the meat is perhaps tastier in a gamier kind of way. Pig cheek curry is also perhaps not for the squeamish but it does taste delicious and the soft meat soaks up every ounce of flavour. Vegetarian’s are more than catered for with dishes that actually go above and beyond anything that the meatier dishes deliver. The peanut artichoke curry is really quite addictive and balances salty, sweet and spice in a magical way. Top this all off with a side of morning glory and unlimited Jasmine or sticky rice. They make the perfect vehicles to absorb all the incredible juices and sauces of your main dishes and ensure you’ll leave feeling more than satisfied.

THE PRICE: Charcoal artichoke £14, Deep fried Seabass £16, Pig cheek curry £11, Guinea Fowl £13, morning glory £7, rice £3. Wine starts from £6.5 a glass.

PAY BY: Card and cash.

BEST FOR: Stepping up your Thai game. This place will quench your thirst for authentic curry as well as BBQ and fresh salads. Also perfect for warming the soul on a cold evening.

The Begging Bowl


credits: The Begging Bowl

credits: The Begging Bowl

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