Green juices, kale salads and vegan chocolate treats make a healthy life that much easier to stick to forever…

WHERE: 398 King's Rd, Chelsea, SW10 0LJ, London. (These guys also have an outpost on Westbourne Grove).

TUBE: Fulham Broadway / Imperial Wharf.

THE DEAL: Juice Baby is whatever you want it to be - naughty and nice, retox or detox - for breakfast, lunch or a snappy smoothie or juice break. Food that sustains and makes healthy, organic eating easy.

THE FOOD: The philosophy at Juice Baby is “Little by little”. Not in reference to the size of the portions (they are actually pretty decent). But to refer to the fact that they are so NOT about deprivation (hallelujah). Instead they believe its the little things in life which add up to make a big difference, and we couldn’t agree more. Something simple like switching your diet coke or vino for a cold-pressed juice for instance. Or switching up your full fat milk for a plant-based one. Juices are cold-pressed and range from fruity to pure green vegetable. Not so palatable but we’re sure its good for you. Acai addicts will feel very at home. The classic berry bowl is made with acai, banana, dates (for some natural sweetness) and creamy almond butter. The “Acai Verde” adds a dash of health-giving spirulina to the mix. The lunch menu offers a variety of health-giving salads, a daily hotpot served with brown nutty rice and a few different sandwiches (our favourite being the vegan-friendly coconut bacon, lettuce and tomato). The salads are fresh, packed with flavour and come with mix and match dressings (a.k.a. choose whatever you like). There’s a chance to get really health-smug with the “Holy Kale”, which combines kale, avocado and various nuts and seeds. The “Yam Yam” is sweetly satisfying with a mix of kale, quinoa, sweet potato, butternut squash, chia seeds, paprika, almonds, pecans, brazil nuts. A simple dressing of tamari, olive oil, maple syrup and lemon juice makes it really sing. The Soba noodle dish with broccoli and chilli is one of their best and we highly recommend. After the health is out the way, you can get to the chocolate treats. Juice Baby have an array of desserts which are all free from refined sugar and dairy (so guilt-free?!), but they are divine - so make room. For instance the Caramel Bar reminded us of a nutty bounty with coconut, cashews, macadamia nuts, maple syrup and raw chocolate. Raw pumpkin pie is an American dessert dream (just with less processed shit, so it tastes even better than the classic in our opinion). The pie holds an incredible, yet subtle, autumnal spiced flavour with vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves and a combination of carrot and butternut squash gives it a nutty kind of sweetness. A word of caution - don’t let that annoying friend (you know who you are) order two spoons with your dessert - this is not one you will want to share.

THE PRICE: Avo toast £5.50, Acai Berry Bowl £8.5, Acai Verde and Acai Cacao £8.95. Holy Kale Salad £7.25, Yam Yam Bowl £7.5, Backyard Bowl £7.75, Coconut BLT £5.95 and Daily Hotpot £6.95. Chocolate Krispies £3.75, Caramel bar £4.75, Raw pumpkin pie £4.75. Juices £4.25 (250ml) / £6.95 (500ml), Smoothies £6.25, Flat white £3.4.

PAY BY: €ash and card.

BEST FOR: Balancing green juice with chocolate treats. Oh and juice obviously.

Juice Baby

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