Come for some rich breakfast classics. Be prepared to fight for a table at the weekends - the secret of Picnic is well and truly out.

WHERE: 1 Carrer del Comerç, 8003 Barcelona.

METRO: Jaume I.

THE DEAL: This packed cafe has got proper brunch classics nailed a.k.a. perfectly cooked poached eggs and other creative stuff, just off the packed Arc de Triomf / Parc Ciutadella cusp.

THE FOOD: Bloody good. Come for the all-day brunch and you'll get some classics like eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. But there are also more unexpected dishes that are definitely worth exploring; “Pulled pork chilaquiles” are salty sweet with just the right amount of crunch coming through from the fried corn tortilla strips and cool from the guacamole. If you want to really go for it then the “Duck hash” is a hefty portion of duck with fried potatoes and an egg, all atop an English muffin. The duck is well-cooked and falls apart and the running poached egg makes sure that the dish isn’t too dry. We like to try lots of little things to switch up flavours so if you like that too then the tapas style options are ideal. Fried green tomatoes with feta and fresh corn salsa, Israeli couscous with roasted veg, salmon on rye and wicked peanut butter french toast are highlights. The menu may not speak so obviously to strict healthy eaters but every dish is fantastically fresh using high quality ingredients. Wash it all down with a spicy Chipotle Bloody Mary or a Sweet Iced Tea (you can add rum if you like). Expect a queue (especially at the weekend) and to feel a bit packed in - so if that’s the kind of thing you hate then avoid peak times. This joint also does dinner so consider it an alternative option.

THE PRICE: Eggs Benedict is €12, “Duck Hash” €11, .Tapas options are wallet friendly; Fried green tomatoes €5.5, French toast €6, Israeli couscous €6.5, Salmon on rye €7 Drinks: Chipotle Bloody Mary €7, Iced Tea €3.

PAY BY: €ash and card.  

BEST FOR: When you’re having a bad day. This is food made with love that will put a smile on your face.