UN1T + Southbank Centre


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START: UN1T - London Bridge, 140-148 Borough High St, London SE1 1LB.

FINISH: Southbank Centre Food Market, Belvedere Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8XX.

TUBE: Borough.

THE WORKOUT: Saturday 10am Cardio Trooper with Lucie. This is a high intensity full body workout taken to the max. The class is designed to build strength, endurance alongside mobility, challenging all levels of fitness in a competitive team setting - the tagline for UN1T is ‘We Train As One’ after all. A quick dynamic warm-up gets the blood pumping, muscles warm and ready for the workout ahead. Then move on to the main workout where the group is split into pairs and each couple works around twelve stations, each with different exercises. The variety makes the workout go fast and you never get bored, despite the fact you are pushed to your limits. Power exercises exercises like sled runs and sand-bag cleans are interspersed with cardio favourites like elevated burpees, air bike and stints on the rower. The circuit also includes a core section with sit ups, army planks and weighted Russian twists. However long it takes for one person on the sled run station (the ‘prowler’) to complete four lengths is the time the rest of the class is left to work, followed by some active rest. The team mentality is a brilliant motivator and pulls everyone together in the workouts. Anyone who thinks they can get away with slacking in class or stopping before the timer goes are reprimanded with five burpees for the whole class to do, which really reinforces team spirit. The aim of the class is to do as many rounds of the twelve station circuit in the class time-frame, so you really work against the clock with minimal recovery time in between. If you’re looking to step up your fitness game, give yourself a bit of a kick up the arse after getting lazy with training or just seeking something new, fun and intense then you’ll look it here. If you keep coming back you’ll also get to know a great bunch of people who don’t just ‘train as one’ but also hang out, eat, drink and party together.

THE FOOD: Southbank Centre Food Market is waiting for you after class. Taking that team spirit in to lunch-time, this is a chance to sample and share street food by some of the capital’s up and coming street food stars. Every weekend the Southbank features a street food market from local independent producers and street foodies. However, this Easter weekend is a special take-over of the “inKERBator Weekender” showing twenty five new traders cooking special dishes (alongside their signature ones) at bargain basement prices. Whatever you choose, all the food bursts with fresh, vibrant flavours, inspired by cuisines from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Our vote goes to ‘lovely bunch of coconuts’; firstly because the name is awesome and secondly their Mauritian lamb biryani with zas-sar and chutneys is exceptional. The street foodies featured in the weekend feast also include Kerb alumni. Class of 2017 puts on a pretty delicious display; spicy coconut Indonesian soto by Kaki Lima is rich, creamy and sweet. Smoked aubergine slider pittas from Cyprus Kitchen and Chiang Mai khao soi noodles (vegan) from Greedy Khao are both winners for plant-based easters. It would also be rude not to try the spoils from 2018’s alumni; Truffled mushroom gnocchi by Gnocchi shop is potent with truffle but pillows of heaven you’ll be sad to miss. Aztec ancho chicken with grasshopper chilli salt by Mexikings, is beautifully cooked with a nice kick to it, and the classic cheese toastie with onion jam by Meltsmiths is beautiful in its simplicity and the perfect childhood comfort food. You’ll also be pleased to know there are two boozey bars serving cocktails, wines, IPA’s and a whole variety of beers by independent breweries and distilleries alongside live music playing all weekend. Interested in setting up a foodie business yourself? Stick around for the workshop at 2pm on ‘How to start a street food business’.
FYI: The KERB Street Food Awards winners will be announced on Monday at 4pm.

THE PRICE: UN1T drop-in £20, five class pack is £95 and ten class pack is £185. Southbank Centre: special KERB dishes £5.

BEST FOR: Team-work and sharing the load - we mean workouts and street food :)

UN1T + Southbank Centre



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