A special GUEST DOUBLE SHOT FROM ida may

the MASTER YOGi AND adidas TRAINER, DANCER, ACTOR and model who is killing it on the London wellness scene.

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When making my fitness social I like to keep it local. I’ve been in East London for the past 10 years or so and when it comes to working & eating out with friends location for me is key. My life and work means that my schedule changes daily; one day I could be filming an advert commercial for TV and teaching private clients and another day I might be shooting a campaign for Adidas, doing movement direction for a fashion show or running a retreat. So as much as I love all that craziness and travelling, it's nice to find some little routines to inject into the day... like that precious coffee moment! I am very picky where I like to get my coffee and All Press brews up some of the best. My favourite kind of way to move my body is of course yoga, so a double shot that combines the two and that I share with friends is the dream. So let’s do this - first yoga, then coffee!


START: Triyoga Shoreditch, Unit 2, 10 Cygnet Street, E1 6GW, London.

FINISH: All Press, Red Church Street, London.

TUBE: Liverpool Street / Shoreditch High Street.

THE WORKOUT: Saturday 15:00-16:30pm Jivamukti Open class with Durga Devi.

WHAT IDA SAYS: Triyoga stands out for the sheer variety of classes and the crazy good off-peak teachers that suit different moods. I love classes that aren't super busy, where you get hands on adjustments and sessions that challenge you , get you inspired or just completely zen you out. Durga is one of the original teachers of the London Jivamukti Yoga Centre and her classes are always amazing; I find myself getting into a state of flow with her chanting, readings and solid, strong vinyasa sequences. Other classes I recommend are Stewart Gilchrist’s Yoga Level 2-3 at 10:45am on Fridays or Dharma Yoga with Emi Tull.These days, apart from private clients, I teach yoga and Pilates at Shoreditch House, so its very convenient for me to nip to a class after teaching, or if I feel like a dip in the pool and sauna post-yoga…easy ;)

THE FOOD: A long black, and eggs & soldiers with a side of avo.

WHAT IDA SAYS: All my friends know where to find me - having early coffee, or early lunch...I’m always at All Press! The staff there know me so well so when I arrive they’ve already put my order through - I don’t even need to say... 'the usual, please' and I love that. Theses guys specialise in coffee and they do the best long blacks in the hood. My go-to order is their eggs & soldiers with a side of avo - dreamy! It's so satisfying to dip those breadsticks into the runny egg with salt and pepper all over it - All Press cook those eggs so perfectly! This place is also a perfect spot to sit when the sun is out and people watch, bump into friends and hang out together.

THE PRICE: A drop-in class at Triyoga is £17. A class pack of five costs £75, ten £135 or get a monthly pass (three classes per week) for £108. All Press coffee: espresso £2.2, cortado £2.4, flat white £2.8, long black £2.7, mocha £2.8, mint tea £2.5 and fresh juices £2.5. Eggs and Soldiers £5, Avo Toast £4.5, Smoked Mackerel toast £5, Granola, yoghurt and poached fruit £5, Mixed Plates £8-10.5.

BEST FOR: A dreamy, Saturday afternoon, filled with all the good stuff (yoga, coffee, eggs and avo).

Triyoga Shoreditch + All Press

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