Re:Mind meditation + Tomtom coffee

Time to hit the mental gym.


START: Re:Mind Meditation Studio, 25A Eccleston Pl, Belgravia, SW1W 9NF, London.

FINISH: Tomtom Coffee House, 114 Ebury Street, Elizabeth St, SW1W 9QD, London.

TUBE: Victoria.

THE WORKOUT: Saturday’s Re:Heal class at 11:30am with Jasmin. This is more like exercise for your brain. London’s first dedicated meditation studio (although we swear there have been loads of meditation centres around but they just weren’t very cool or sexy). This is drop-in meditation and therefore drop-in zen for your overloaded brain. And this zen feeling flows from the classes, right through to the clean air you breathe and bright, airy, plant-filled studio you sit in. There are also glowing Himalayan salt lamps to cleanse the air of contaminants and dust. At Re:Heal expect an hour of group meditation using ancient healing traditions including Reiki and crystal healing. Apparently crystal healing falls under the category of “vibrational medicine” (who knew?!) where one balances ones own vibrations and frequencies with the help of another, restoring health and wellness, emotionally, mentally and physically. Reiki uses energy to balance the body and mind across the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers. The purpose of the class is to reduce stress and promote mental clarity. This may sound a bit hippy but if you embrace it, you really do start to feel lighter, more relaxed and less clouded in the head. Ideal if you rarely get the time to give your brain some space and TLC. This is just as normal as going to the gym, but for your mind.

THE FOOD: A delightful mix of favourite brunch and breakfast dishes as well as more substantial lunch dishes. And of course not forgetting the coffee (the clue is in the name!). Soaked overnight oatmeal is topped with banana, blueberries, pecan and maple syrup. Amaretto Dissarono French Toast is an absolute winner (and the perfect naughty weekend treat). Soaked in amaretto before its cooked and served with fresh strawberries, flaked almonds, crunchy almond butter & amaretto maple syrup. Dreamy. Savoury souls also have plenty to choose from on the menu. The Super Breakfast bowl is the obvious choice for those trying to stay on the straight and narrow for the weekend. This health-giving bowl is filled with quinoa, roasted sweet potato, spinach, fried cherry tomatoes, avocado, poached egg and pickled red onion. Traditionalists and avid avocado brunch fans can relax in the knowledge that this is also on the menu but is elevated beyond your average avo toast; smashed avocado with lime served on multigrain bread, homemade sweet chilli jam, topped with Feta cheese, two poached eggs, rocket, olive oil. Otherwise the menu features eggs whatever way (poached or scrambled with whatever added extras you want). For a more substantial and less egg focused meal there is also a separate lunch menu served from 12pm. A variety of salads like beetroot and falafel, greek or pesto chicken and quinoa are lighter mum-friendly options. Otherwise a variety of toasties are available (and honestly such a trip down memory lane of days when we made these ourselves at home) from your basic (but beautiful) cheese and ham, to posher versions like cheddar and truffle mushroom and pesto chicken. Homemade soups of the day (think red pepper, pea and mint or spicy tomato) make the perfect toastie dipping vehicle for a casual and nostalgic lunch.

THE PRICE: Re:Mind: Class drop-in £22. First-timers can buy a five pack for £35 (to use over two weeks). Unlimited membership is £150 a month for all the classes. Tomtom coffee: Flat white £3, espresso £2.2, tea £2.9 (+£0.5 oat, +£0.3. soy). Freshly squeezed orange juice £3.7, smoothies £5.7. Food: Soaked Overnight Pinhead Oatmeal £5.8, French toast £11.5, Super breakfast bowl, Avocado Toast £10.5, Croissant / Pain au Chocolat £2.7. Lunchtime salads from £8.9, toasties from £5.5. and soup of the day £6.2.

BEST FOR: Getting some head-space and a quiet weekend brunch.

Re:mind meditation + Tomtom coffee


Beautiful meditation room with blankets and seat cushions in nude colours at Re:mind London.
Two ladies in lotus pose on a cushion, meditating at Remind London Victoria.
Poached eggs on ham and brioche at Tomtom coffee London.
Poached eggs on rye bread with avocado on the side at Tomtom coffee London.
Terrace with cute tables and umbrellas in front of tomtom coffee house in London.