Psycle + Crosstown doughnuts

who says you can’t party on a sunday? have yours on a bike, then get even happier (and POSSIBLY healthier?) with doughnuts. AFTER ALL, there’s a reason they’re CALLED hole-foods...

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START: Psycle Shoreditch, 17-23 Whitby St, E1 6JU, London.

FINISH: Crosstown Shoreditch - Doughnuts & Coffee, 157 Brick Ln, E1 6SB, London.

TUBE:  Shoreditch High Street / Old Street / Bethnal Green.

THE WORKOUT: 10:15am for a full hour ride with Wolf. Don’t mistake this for your run-of-the-mill high intensity spin class. In a dark studio packed with bikes discover your new tribe where you ‘ride as one’. Everyone is drawn together to achieve the same goal and the energy is contagious. The soundtrack (which changes weekly) is also amazing which helps to guide you to the beat. For a split second you might forget you’re working out and just get lost in the music. As for the exercise part, Psycle classes don’t tend to spend much time in the saddle. Instead you move constantly up and down on the bike to various tempos. The resistance is also bigger to push against since you are using your body-weight to drive the legs. 60 minutes is a real test of endurance, but its broken up with an upper-body weight-training track to make sure you get complete full body attention. At the end your body will feel tired but your spirit and soul will feel on fire. Stick around to use the studio’s slick shower and changing room amenities (we are sure that the Crosstown doughnut crowd will also appreciate it). If spinning really isn’t your vibe (we understand its a love hate thing) then Psycle has also got HIIT, Barre and Yoga on their books to get you your natural high one way or another.

THE FOOD: A place where doughnuts are practically an art form. This place has earned a instagram following and reputation for its incredible and photogenic selection. There are of course more standard doughnut flavours like the vanilla glaze rings and filled raspberry jam (the jam has pieces of raspberries in it). However, there are also unexpected flavour combinations and these are the ones we urge you to try. The “Sea salt caramel banana-cream” is BOMB; brownie crumble atop a light and fluffy dough with a generous amount of creamy banana filling (nothing worse than a stingey filling.) Banoffee pie fans will love it. If you’re not convinced that doughnuts can be sophisticated, then try the orange blossom cake doughnut. This beauty will transport you to Morocco in one bite with its Moorish spices, date jam, orange blossom glaze and cardamom crumble. You can tell the PB and raspberry jam is a winner before you ever take a bite. Expect a soft base with a big dollop of creamy peanut butter icing and blackcurrant compote in the middle, and topped off with toasted peanuts for extra crunch. Another surprise is the “Apple crumble” which is almost like an apple piece with sweet pecan and a soft doughy texture again. For some of their doughnuts the team have taken out the eggs and dairy and replaced with plant-based alternatives to offer a full-blown vegan assortment. The Chocolate truffle is just as wicked as you want it to be (if a little seedy, which presumably is from using chia instead of egg). Wash it all down with water or a classic cup of English breakfast tea. Don’t forget to instagram that shit before you go :)

FYI: Crosstown have a dedicated Vegan Crosstown store in Marylebone if you’re interested…

THE PRICE: A single class at Psycle is £20, or a pack of five £95. Dough-bites (baby doughnuts) start at £1.75 and doughnuts go up to £3.95 each, or a box of six is £18.

BEST FOR: Hole-istic healing and natural (ish) highs.

Psycle + Crosstown


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