KXU + Raw press co.

competitive-style training with a healthy start means that you’ve got it together before most people have even woken up for the weekend. life-win.


START: KXU, 241 Pavilion Rd, Chelsea, SW1X 0BP, London.

FINISH: Raw Press, 3 Ellis St, Belgravia, SW1X 9AL, London.

TUBE: Sloane Square.

THE WORKOUT: Saturday 11:30am-12:30pm The Games class with Anna-Maria Ronnqvist or Laura Hoggins. KXU is another sleek studio in London delivering pay-as-you go fitness across three categories - srength, stretch and cardio (as well as specialised nutrition and therapy). From yoga to cycling, HIIT to Barre and Strength there’s something for everyone here. The Games class is an amazing circuits class focusing on strength (the best piece of kit being a giant tyre). In teams of three, “competitors” switch between seven different sets of three exercises, which involve a range of challenging and highly functional exercises from loaded carries and sled pulls, to deadlifts, AirBike cardio blasts and ball slams. And of course not forgetting about the tyre flipping (tough on the glutes!). This class is perfect for building muscle and strength and the competitive edge means you’ll push harder. What we love the most is that the exercises in this class are constantly changing so you’ll continue to make progress week on week.

THE FOOD: Around the corner from KXU is Raw Press Co. where a healthy refuel is waiting for you. Although they are known for their signature juices, the Raw Press Company’s cafe also features a constantly changing menu of nutritious food; think an array of plant-based salads, a daily soup, as well as hot options like courgette lasagne or kitchari. If you’re still in the mood for more of a breakfast vibe then they also do smoothie and açai bowls (with the most incredible toppings like house granola, cacao nibs, fresh fruit and creamy nut butters), as well as the classics like avocado on toast. We loved the buckwheat waffles the most and you can have them sweet (with blueberries, maple syrup and coconut yoghurt) or Mexican-style with pumpkin, sweetcorn, guac, cashew cream and salsa. Wash it all down with a green juice if you’re feeling very healthy (get the sweet green if you want a light take on green). The cookie monster smoothie is a bit more wicked but hell you’ve earned it. Plus tastes exactly as it should with a name like that (banana, peanut butter, chai, cacao nibs and dates), i.e. delicious.

THE PRICE: KXU: drop-in class £24, first-timers pay £30 for two classes. Raw press: Smoothie and Açai bowl £9, Avo toast £6.6, Waffles £9.8. Drinks: , Smoothies £6.95, Juices £5-5.5.

BEST FOR: A healthy start to Saturday with a muscle-boosting class and a plant-based refuel.

KXU + Raw Press Co.


credits: @kxulondon

credits: @kxulondon

Soulcycle instructor girl encouraging and spilling water from bottle onto sweaty students on their bicycles
Mashed avocado with chilli flakes on bread and spinach and limes on the side at Ethos London
credits: @rawpressco

credits: @rawpressco