Heartcore Ride2Tone + Farmacy

WHY CHOOSE BETWEEN PILATES AND SPINNING WHEN YOU CAN DO BOTH? THEN get yourself an extra shot of health AT CLEAN-EATING hotSPOT farmacy. they even have actual syringe detox shots if you’re immunity is in serious trouble…

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START: Heartcore, 57 Ossington Street (Entrance on Moscow Road), W2 4LY, London.

FINISH: Farmacy Restaurant, 74-76 Westbourne Grove, W2 5SH, London.

TUBE: Bayswater / Queensway

THE WORKOUT: What started off as one little studio in Notting Hill, soon became a cult studio name with multiple studios across London. Heartcore’s beautiful studio just by Bayswater offers its signature Reformer Pilates but has upped the ante and also has yoga, Barre, low impact TRX and energising, heart-pumping indoor spin classes on the menu. If you don’t know what to choose between then we suggest the Ride2Tone class on Saturday at 12:00pm. It’s 30 minutes of heart-pumping cardio on the bike followed by 30 minutes of followed by a series of deep, opening and core focused movements on the Pilates mat. The aim of this fusion class (apart from being clever) is to give you an all-round boost for strength, balance, flexibility and cardio fitness and its a great compromise for a weekend workout. At the end of class you’ll feel the endorphins rushing through you whilst being a bit longer, leaner, with a rock-hard Pilates core.

THE FOOD: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." So said Hippocrates, and now Farmacy says so too. Interestingly too, the London youth are loving it. Drinking, smoking and taking drugs is over (at least in Notting Hill) and has been replaced with vegan bowls and detox syringe ginger shots. If you don’t know Farmacy is the baby of Camilla Fayed, daughter of Mohammed Al (of Harrods) and is all about healthy comfort ‘veggan’ food (vegans who still eat eggs - we know- but stay with us we promise you can get past this with the awesome food). Despite how it may sound, Farmacy really isn’t rub it in your face health or preachy. Case in point, they’ve got alcohol and sweet potato fries in abundance. But they’ve also got really tasty, healthy food. After class you’ll be hungry but we recommend diving straight into the main (the starters on the whole are massive.) To kick you into gear try a syringe shot - the “Fire-starter” a potent combo of ginger, turmeric, cayenne & lemon is accurately described :) On to the food - the “Earth Bowls” will not let you down (and totally insta-worthy). Plus for every bowl they donate £1 to dropfordrop . Do not miss out on the sweet potato fries - they are like gold dust. We loved the “Macro bowl”; quinoa, sauerkraut roasted veggies and an incredible ginger dressing. The Caesar salad was a great ‘healthy’ take on the classic featuring romaine lettuce, mushroom anchovies, avocado, capers, sun-dried tomatoes served with a Caesar dressing & omega 3 flax crackers. All-day menu signatures also include the “Farmacy breakfast” with potato ‘rosti’ with truffle cream, roasted tomatoes, seasonal greens, marinated Portobello mushroom & house baked beans served with sourdough toast. If you’re more a sweet kinda person (especially since its Saturday) then try the House Pancakes served with coconut yoghurt, maple syrup and caramelised pecans and fruit. The “Celestial berry bowl” is also an option for Acai addicts - its basically a bowl of berry compote and crunchy granola made with various super-foods and coconut milk. For dessert there’s a range of vegan-friendly treats. The chocolate “Nice-cream” is surprisingly good and a lighter way to get your sugar fix.

THE PRICE: Heartcore newbies can get a pack of four classes for £50. Otherwise if you want to just drop-in for one then its £27 for any Pilates or TRX class or £20 for Ride or Yoga. Larger packs of classes are also available to buy and start from £95-125 for five (depending on if its for Pilates or Ride + Yoga). At Farmacy syringe shots are £5 (we know a bit crazy but quite fun for a one-off). The “Macro bowl” is £14.5, Caesar Salad and the “Farmacy breakfast” are £14, House Pancakes are £11.5 and the “Celestial” bowl £9. “Nice-cream” is £2. Other desserts range between £9-12.

BEST FOR: A compromise. Ride2Tone is great for both high intensity spin lovers, yogis and Pilates people. Farmacy also solves the weekend dilemma of where to eat that’s naughty and nice. fa

www.heartcore.co.uk + www.farmacylondon.com