Cannabliss at Gymbox + Mercato Metropolitano

The weekend doesn’t get more dope than this…


START: Gymbox, Elephant & Castle, 7, 38 New Kent Rd, SE1 6TJ, London.

FINISH: Mercato Metropolitano, 42 Newington Causeway, SE1 6DR, London.

TUBE: Elephant & Castle.

THE WORKOUT: Sunday at 13:00pm Cannabliss class. Sundays are for dreaming and relaxing and there’s no better way to do that then this. Get on the latest CBD trend with this recovery focused class that uses CBD patches to help with muscular inflammation and aid recovery from a static 9 – 5.  CBD, the non-intoxicating natural chemical found in the cannabis plant is 2019’s new wonder-wellness drug. It’s in everything - from smoothies to body lotion and essential oils, and now Gymbox are bringing it to our workouts too. The class echoes yin yoga, incorporating slow-hold exercises, stretches and mobility movements with the added CBD booster to relieve stress and anxiety. Combined altogether, the class helps to relieve those niggly aches and pains that most of us sedentary desk workers are prone to as well as more specific training injuries. Basically expect to feel relaxed. After applying your stick-on patch with CBD oil, expect guided breath-work and meditation as you lie down on an exercise mat with your head on a pillow. Don’t panic (or be too disappointed) you won’t “get high”, but you will definitely feel your mind and muscles relax into the self-massage and long stretches. CBD oil supposedly renders results for pain relief, cortisol balancing and regulating blood sugar levels. In the gym scenario this basically means faster recovery times, protection from extreme exercise stress and even cramp prevention during exercise. We aren’t completely convinced by how powerful the effects of the CBD patches really are here - but any class that promotes proper recovery and down-time (which lets face it, most of us never do alone in the gym) is worthwhile in our opinion. Particularly on a Sunday, this class is the perfect excuse for a bit of “me-time” in the name of being “on-trend”.

THE FOOD: Translated into English apparently Mercato Metropolitano this means “(wild hand gestures market”. So before we even went we liked it. When we heard its got a mix of Italian and London based artisan producers including "the best pizza maker" from Naples, we obviously knew it would be a winner. And it is. Come here and browse through the 45,000 square foot industrial space featuring bakers, fishmongers, butchers, cheese-mongers, charcuterie specialists, gelato slingers, pasta makers (duh), brewers, coffee roasters, and as we mentioned already, genuine Neapolitan pizzaioli. There are also awesome street food stalls serving everything from home-made Indian, Vietnamese curry, traditional British beef classics, Turkish mezze, to Mexican tacos and Japanese donburi. Chicken and potato curry from the Vietnamese stand is hot and fragrant. A roast beef salad is packed with herby flavours of mint and coriander and fresh red chilli. Italian oven pizza comes crisp and authentic. And that’s not all. You can do your weekly shop (ok maybe not weekly, we’re not bloody Paris Hilton) at the covered family-run Italian supermarket called Prezzemolo e Vitale. You can easily spend your whole afternoon here since the Mercato host live music, dance lessons, cooking lessons, cinema and screenings on the reg, so check out their events page to keep up to date. For hard-core fans, technically you might never have to leave, since there has been a pop-up hotel spring up here from time to time.

FYI: Mercato Metropolitano is open daily from 8am-11pm weekdays, 11am-11pm Sat and 11am-10pm Sun, and entry is free.

THE PRICE: Gymbox membership starts from £50 a month (depending on contract length). You can however book a free tour and try out a class :) Mercato street food: Around £5-11 per dish.

BEST FOR: Getting a natural high and chilling out with friends for a dreamy, easy Sunday afternoon.

Gymbox + Mercato Metropolitano