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START: FORM, 77a Lonsdale Rd, W11 2DF, London.

FINISH: Farm Girl Notting Hill, 59A Portobello Rd, W11 3DB, London.

TUBE:  Notting Hill Gate.

THE WORKOUT: We vote for the 10:00am Sunday METCORE class with Elissa. FORM is one of Notting Hill’s many boutique gyms, and it’s as luxe and beautiful as any of them. But the classes here stand out by the high calibre of instructors who teach them and their rigorous focus on perfect form and proper technique. The studio keeps its small and personal with only eight people in a class (max) and a flexible pay-as-you-class approach. Classes range from Yoga, HIIT and TRX to something unique to FORM called METcore and PURE MOTR. Co-founder of FORM is the beautiful ex professional dancer and tennis player Elissa who leads the Pilates offering. She makes any exercise look graceful and easy, setting a high motivator factor in any class she teaches. METcore and MOTR are worth trying for the novelty factor - and for an incredibly effective work-out! Designed to improve core strength, balance, flexibility and to counter the common physical ailments we all suffer from sitting at desks all day long, these classes are what we all need. Each one uses a piece of equipment that looks like a foam-roller but with loops and straps that extend (like a Reformer bed) and across fifty minutes a fusion of mat Pilates, ballet, Reformer Pilates and more traditional fitness movements like squats and lunges are performed altogether. At the start it looks easy but give it five minutes and you’ll be breaking a sweat and falling off the roller. METcore is more dynamic and class ends with a short spurt of high intensity to get out all your excess energy.

THE FOOD: The place to come for healthy brunch cravings after your morning exercise. Also a good option for anyone with a dog since these guys are doggy friendly. If its not obvious at this point then we really need to re-look at our content, but hopefully you know we’re all for eating healthy food and Farm Girl will sort you out. Find it just off of Portobello Road with its nice little courtyard outdoors. Inside has a relaxed Californian vibe, but be aware the seating is quite packed in. We aren’t ones for exotic drinks orders so a cup of builder’s tea or a flat white suits us just fine. But Farm Girl also do the fancy infused milk lattes, so if they are your thing then get one. There are so many on the menu but highlights include Lavender, Chai, Liquid Gold (that’s turmeric and ginger), Matcha Latte (this one we LOVED) and the instagram sensation Butterfly Matcha (organic bright blue matcha latte with almond milk). The food is good here - especially if you know what to order. The “Coconut BLT Sandwich” is really very good. The humble BLT is veganised with the toasted coconut, guacamole & homemade cashew cream. Its the quality of ingredients and toasted sourdough that really makes the difference and for hungry people its a good order. “Blue Jack Tacos” are also a solid choice. Jack fruit makes such a great pulled pork substitute and takes on a nice, sweet bbq flavour, served with pineapple, guacamole and vegan mayo in soft blue corn tortillas. You can’t go wrong with avo on toast and again the sourdough bread and generous avo ratio makes this dish very enjoyable. It also comes with strawberries which weirdly works. The “Farm Omelette” is simple but very tasty and definitely worth adding mushrooms to add a woody flavour and meatier texture. There are also typical bowl options like oats, granola and acai smoothies and freshly baked treats at the counter if you want something sweet. We think you’re sweet enough ;)

FYI: Our recommendations are for Farm Girl in Notting Hill. There are two other outposts but we haven’t yet tried them out.

THE PRICE: A single class ranges between £20-23 on the live priced timetable on website (just click on DIBS and it comes up). First-timers can buy four classes for £40. Thereafter a five class pack is £130. Farm Girl can start to stack up if you go a bit mad on drinks - Flat white is £3, teas range between £2.3-2. Rose / Lavender Latte £3.7, Liquid Gold Latte £4, Matcha Latte £3.8 and Butterfly Matcha £4.2. Coconut BLT £9 and “Jackfruit Tacos” £12. Avo toast is £8 and add a poached egg for £2.2. “Farm Omelette” is £8 and add mushrooms for £2.5.

BEST FOR: A health and posture-correcting weekend with your dog (or if you’re into dog-napping then anyone’s dog you can get your hands on really).

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