FLY LDN + Farmer J

Forget about the Christmas chaos and lose yourself in this immersive yoga flow. Then prep yourself for Christmas feasting with tasty and plant-friendly food.

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START: FLY LDN, 24 Creechurch Lane, EC3A 5EH, London.

FINISH: Farmer J, 24-32 King William St, EC4R 9AT, London.

TUBE:  Aldgate

THE WORKOUT: Saturday 10:30am Flowlife class. This one is the ideal class after a hectic Christmas week at work. Walk in tense with your mind whirring and flow back out cool and collected. The studio is beautiful, with luxe changing rooms, showers and a spacious studio. Flow it out in front of a huge projector screen displaying cinematic visuals. Move from majestic mountains, serene beaches, crashing oceans, autumnal forests and even into outer space, as the class moves through different sequences. The Flowlife takes you through a dynamic flow designed to make you sweat, breathe deeper and focus your mind away from the Christmas hustle. You’re in safe hands with not one but two teachers leading you through the class and checking your form. From sun salutations, warriors, arm balances, twists and challenging heart openers to slower forward folds and deep stretches, there’s a chance to deepen your practise and go inwards as well as learn some new skills on the mat. The darkened room and moving image screen means its easier to lose yourself in the flow and switch off the mind. It’s really a rather beautiful thing. A decent Savasana, means that there’s a chance to enjoy the quiet that the asana practise has built to.

FYI: You can also get LIT (in a low intensity training kinda way) at FLY’s Pilates and TRX classes.

THE FOOD: Prep your health for the Christmas feasting with tasty, plant-based food at Farmer J. The second outpost from these guys, brunch fans are in for a treat. Redemption Roasters serve up freshly brewed joe (which at brunch is unlimited btw), there’s Kombucha on tap, fresh smoothies and cocktails, so there is something for everyone. You’ll be feeling suitably zen post yoga, so continue the relaxation with good food, old school tunes and a build your own brunch. Take your pick of three, five or seven dishes and ‘Build your Brunchtray‘. Since its Christmas and you want to go ham then go Bottomless (be aware the maximum stay of 1.5 hours). For the real Gywneth Paltrow types out there, the juices and smoothies are totally #cleaneating (we hate that phrase too soz). For instance, the “Homemade Cucumber Lemonade” is only 2% sugar! It features cucumber juice, fresh mint, apple and lime. Lemon Citrus Turmeric Juice is also an intriguing concoction. Smoothies are dreamy. Nut fiends will enjoy the “Nut Buster” with almond milk, almond butter, peanut butter, tahini and date syrup. Possibly even a little much for us. Otherwise the “Berry Blitz” is a lovely fruity, creamy blend. and you can opt to add a scoop of whey or hemp protein to build up those muscles. Food-wise is a brunch-dream. Pick three, five or seven elements to make up your brunch dish. Sections include “Eggs and Eggless”, “Meat and Fish”, “Greens and Veg”, “Grains and Fruit”, “Bakery” and “Treat Yo’self”. For instance inject some middle-eastern spice into your brunch with two poached eggs with tahini hollandaise, add some harissa butternut and sweet potato smash and laffa bread with tahini. Or go classic with smashed avo with red onion and feta, slices of fresh Sourdough and home-cured Salmon. This place is super vegan friendly too of course and have a fantastic version of Shakshouka with chickpeas, as well as a miso tofu scramble. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then porridge with grilled bananas and pecans is a wintry bowl of magic. The pumpkin pancakes and loaded banana bread are also epic. Whatever you order, Farmer J is a place where “they give a fork” - about animal welfare, about the planet, about healthy living, and most of all, about serving you one of the best goddamn brunches in town.

THE PRICE: A single class at FLY LDN is £20. First-timers pay £10 or for £50 get twelve classes to use in two weeks. Farmer J’s brunch: three items £12, five items £17, seven items £22. Smoothies £4.95 (extra protein £0.5). Go Bottomless for an extra £20 per person.

BEST FOR: Feeling good and finding some pre-Christmas zen.

FLY LDN + Farmer J


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