Firstlight Cycle + Kricket

If michael jackson wanted to spin, this is where he would go - in front of a magic mirror.

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START: Firstlight Cycle, Westfield London, Ariel Way, White City, W12 7GF, London.

FINISH: Kricket White City, 101 Wood Ln, White City, W12 7FR, London.

TUBE: Wood Lane / White City.

THE WORKOUT: Friday night 19:00pm Ride with Lisa-Jane. Firstlight Cycle is experiential fitness gone nuts. The premise of the studio is using sunlight simulation technology to stimulate the body and heighten the senses of riders, entirely personalized to the needs of each class. A potent combination of this sunlight stimulation, mindfulness and meditation is infused into a high intensity ride session for a stand-out take on spinning. The expansive thirty foot ‘magic mirror’ brings the IMAX to your workout, as sixty eight bikes point towards the screen with unrestricted viewing. Ride across the skylines of Africa, Ibiza, Dubai, Rio and beyond, starting at sunrise and finishing at sunset in a fast and furious forty-five minutes. As you move through each place you’ll find the light changing to fit the scene; from the burnt orange light of the Middle Eastern dessert to blue skies from Balearic scenes. Throughout your journey, whatever light you experience, its designed to mimic the natural sunlight that you might be missing out on sat at your desk in the grey all day, so you leave feeling revived and re-energised. Since according to statistics the UK only gets approximately 1,500 hours of sunlight each year, this is good news for everyone. Riding through dawn produces a brighter light to awaken the senses or ride through a softer evening light to help you relax and produce melatonin (the major hormone of sleep). In the actual class there’s a mix of cardio, mindfulness and meditation, together with an upper-body strength workout using body bars to build and tone core muscles. It’s not the toughest workout you’ll ever do, but you’ve got to think about the whole package and benefits you will be getting in your body, mind and soul, rather than just focusing on the sweat fact. Seeing sunset on the horizon is possibly one of the best ways to push you harder to get to the end of your workout. And bonus! Its the most natural way we’ve found to prepare ourselves for battling the crowds in Westfield afterwards :)

Psst: A little birdie told us that the guys behind Firstlight Cycle have two further studios, focusing on boxing, Muay Thai and live-streamed classes, are set to open later this year so watch this space….

THE FOOD: Kricket flew to fame with their pop-up in Brixton a few years ago now, primarily for their tasty Mumbai-British small plates. Their setting in the Television Centre takes the genius in the kitchen and thankfully increases the food volume to bigger plates too, encouraging us all to eat more and share the love. As soon as you enter the restaurant you know you are in an awesome place. The industrial design and buzzing atmosphere sets the scene for the feast ahead. The menu is fresh and full of spice. Get your taste-buds going with a plate of their infamous Kulchas (Indian bread). They have all the flavours from Masala to garlic and coriander to green chili garlic or simply plain. There’s also roti and date and pistachio naan for any serious Indian bread lovers. Signature small plates still remain on the menu - like samphire pakoras, Kashmiri chilli cured trout and the Keralan fried chicken. Larger plates present delicious and interesting dishes of fish, game, meat and vegetables. The tandoori partridge with smoked raita and tandoor roasted monkfish tail with coconut curry have a lovely barbeque, grill flavour with fragrant spices infused perfectly. There’s also a few different goat dishes on the menu too for adventurous souls. Vegetables are also sexed up here; aloo gobi with spiced brown butter and malai sauce turns cauliflower into our new favourite vegetable. Fresh paneer cuts through sweet pumpkin doused with creamy, comforting makhani sauce. Definitely order some sides like the pilau rice, mustard greens and burnt garlic tarka dal to mop up all the lovely juices and flavours. Basically Friday night never tasted so good. After dinner, take a stroll through the various other pop-up restaurants around and if you’re well connected the White City Soho House is close by for a cheeky knees-up.

THE PRICE: Firstlight Cycle is £20 per class. First-timers can buy 3 classes for £30. Kricket: Kulchas: plain £2.5, masala and garlic and coriander £3, green chili £4.5, date & pistachio naan £4. Small plates: Samphire pakoras £7, Kashmiri chilli cured trout £9.5, Keralan fried chicken £9. Large plates: Tandoori Monkfish £20, Kid Goat Leg Raan £17, Pumpkin £13, Aloo Gobi £12. Sides £4.5, condiments £2.

BEST FOR: Going on holiday - without the hefty price tag and traumatising experience of shit airlines.

Firstlight Cycle + Kricket