F45 Hollywood + Beany Green

Work-out like Wolverine at the Hollywood F45 class then feast on so much more than your typical aussie-inspired brunch. go wild and Make it bottomless (not literally) if you want…

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START: F45 Paddington, 13, West End Quay, S Wharf Rd, Paddington, W2 1JX, London.

FINISH: Beany Green, 6C Sheldon Square, W2 6EZ, London.

TUBE: Paddington / Edgware Road.

THE WORKOUT: The 10:20am Saturday Hollywood class @F45 Paddington (we thought the 9:15am class might be a little harsh for a Saturday). F45 is the fitness phenomenon beloved by the likes of Hugh Jackman (a.k.a Wolverine), whose variety of intense forty-five minute classes pack a real punch. Work across different stations that will test your cardio, strength, endurance and willpower. And if you get lost don’t worry. Every station has its own TV screen that spells out your exercises, all with a model demonstrating them for you. Our choice from the F45 Paddington branch is the Saturday morning Hollywood class. It’s INTENSE. 27 stations of intense to be exact and lasting an hour, its an extra fifteen minutes more work than usual classes (we promise you’ll be thanking us once you get to brunch). Across the stations you’re confronted with jump squats, burpees, bike sprints, prowler pushes, squat thrusters and core-work. Soak up the community vibes here - loads of mutual encouragement all-round from the trainers and also your fellow work-out buddies who will be dying with you. Staying for stretching at the end of class is definitely advisable - your muscles will be so relieved. And of course the commemorative ‘we did it!’ end of work-out sweaty photo with your new fitness fam is a must.

THE FOOD: Beany Green is by the same guys behind the Daisy Green group serving up tasty Australian food and coffee culture to London on Regent's Canal. The all-day brunch menu is healthy Aussie inspired fare. This is the mecca of poached eggs and avo toast. Although, as our good friend always reminds us - you can’t just do simple eggs and avo toast anymore. Times are changing and we all want a little more imagination behind our brunch. Just for the instagram pic ya-know?! And Beany Green does this so bloody well; instead of avo toast its ' “Smashed avocado, charcoal bread, labne, Aleppo chilli”. The “Healthy start” is a nice twist on poached eggs on toast with celeriac instead of regular toast. If you’ve got an insistent meat-eater on your hands then the “Fancy bacon roll” should shut them up. It comes with poached eggs, crispy onions, bacon, holy f*ck hollandaise and roti. Sweet-toothed friends will also be happy here. There’s a “Banana bread sandwich” that’s supposedly “award-winning” according to the menu. Although its damn tasty so we wouldn’t be surprised. The “Coconut french toast” was also dreamy with tropical mango, coconut, Greek yog and maple syrup. The fresh OJ is the perfect drink to help it all slip down. Alongside the usual flat white coffee of course (they also have turmeric and matcha latte’s). Since its a Saturday and you’ve just climbed the mountain of work-outs you might want to let loose and go for the Bottomless Brunch menu. If you like what you hear (and taste) then it might interest you to know that from Wednesday to Friday, Beany Green also turns into gin bar with live music (until 9pm). So its a fun and healthy, which is a rare combo - a unicorn basically.

THE PRICE: You can try a whole week of F45 for £20 (that’s a bargain by London standards). Otherwise a drop-in class is £25, a ten class pack is £200 and an unlimited monthly membership is £239. Beany Green’s smashed avocado is £8.3, “Healthy Start” is £12.4, “Banana bread sandwich” is £9.7, “Coconut French toast” £11. Bottomless Brunch menu is £39.5 and gets you one savoury dish + one sweet dish + Bottomless prosecco & mimosas for two hours. Staying sober a glass of fresh OJ is £4, a flat white £3.2 and matcha latte £4.

BEST FOR: Over-achievers. This is a go-hard or go-home kinda deal - the work-outs pretty intense and the food after is epic.

F45 Paddington + Beany Green

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