Barry's Bootcamp SW1 + Wulf & Lamb

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START: Barry’s Bootcamp, 16 Eccleston Yards, Eccleston Place SW1W 9NF, London.

FINISH: Wulf & Lamb, 243 Pavilion Rd, Chelsea, SW1X 0BP, London.

TUBE:  Victoria / Sloane Square.

THE WORKOUT: Sunday 12:30pm Full Body with Miles. Get your hustle on and get your ass to Barry’s in Chelsea -one of their newest and slickest studios in London. If you’ve not been to a Barry’s class before then their signature workouts might be a shock to the system - so strap yourself in (with 30 others who will be doing it with you). According to Barry’s, one sixty minute class can burn up 1,000 calories or more and build out a lean physique that you can show-off in the showers after :). When the lights dim and music turns up its time to work hard. Spend half the time on the treadmill, and the other half on the floor, working up a sweat with high intensity exercises involving dumb-bell weights and resistance bands that target specific body parts according to your class. For instance, Monday is “Arms & Abs” and Tuesday is “Butt & Legs”. And if you think you can slack-off on the tread you’re wrong. Your trainer (who by the by looks like they’ve stepped out of a fitness mag) will be calling out speeds and incline you must match in a series of explosive sprints and tough hill climbs. And if you don’t they shout at you (its meant to be motivating but don’t be surprised if they give you tough-love - its an american thing). There are also some recovery intervals (I mean they don’t want you to pass-out). Because you switch in between the tread and floor regularly time flies fast and the endorphin rush and achievement factor at the end is euphoric.

THE FOOD: “Veg with edge”, Wulf & Lamb is one of our favourite vegan cafés. Essentially they make vegan food sexy AF. Refuel your 1,000 calorie deficit with a healthy but hearty “Wulf burger” or warming, “Wulf pie” made up of a pulled jack fruit and lentil stew. If you want something a bit lighter then go for the fresh summer greens with tahini or one of the salads like the “Tex Mex'“ with black beans, avocado, corn, crunchy pecans and a creamy cashew dressing and dressing. Sides are also epic; cheesy (and yet no cheese involved at all) Mac N Cheese and Sweet potato wedges are stand-outs. Freshly baked vegan treats will be hard to resist before you leave - particularly the gooey chocolate brownie and doughnuts which accidentally fell into our mouths ;).

THE PRICE: A single class is £22, pack of three is £65, and ten £198. At Wulf & Lamb, “Wulf burger” £14.95, “Wulf pie” is £12.95 “Summer greens” with tahini” and “Tex Mex” are both £10.95. Soup & Sourdough is £6.5. Wines start at £6 a glass and beer around £5. Coffee and Tea start around £2.5.

BEST FOR: Getting your fitness mojo back - Barry’s will whip you back into gear and you’ll fall back in love with plant-based eating at Wulf & Lamb.

Barry’s Bootcamp + Wulf & Lamb