Workout Berlin Pilates + KleinMein coffee

Pilates, COFFEE + co-working. Productive AF AND KILLING IT.

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START: Workout Berlin Pilates, Scharnweberstraße 30, 10247 Berlin.

FINISH: KleinMein Coffee & Coworking, Waldeyerstraße 9, 10247 Berlin.

U / S - BAHN: Samariterstr. / Frankfurter Allee.

THE WORKOUT: Saturday 11.15am Reformer Pilates with Nicola. Get yourself strapped into the Allegro Reformer, in this small group class and strengthen those finer muscles. The Allegro Reformer machine is a sexy piece of kit, with a bed (the carriage) to lie down on. The carriage is connected to weighted springs which provide resistance, and you can remove and add weight depending on your strength and abilities. Expect that throughout the sixty minute session your abdominals will be on fire (in a good way). Building this strong core is just as important as the coordination of movement and breathing, and Nicola is your guide. As we know, this machine is super versatile, which means you can adjust the intensity to your needs. Nicola is also very hands-on and offers lots of modifications and encouragement to keep you sticking with it all the way through. Keep in mind that this is a whole body workout. As you lie, kneel or stand on a sliding platform you will move through various exercises, using long cables to pull or push on and keeping form stable and balanced at all times. You’ll quickly become aware of your posture and what it feels like when you’ve got it right. Training this way fortifies the body to help prevent injury, pain and joint problems. It also hones some awesome ab muscles and lengthen and strengthen you into the smooth, well-oiled machine you are.

FYI: This class is in English. If you want to hit this place up mid-week there are plenty of classes before and after work.

THE FOOD: Lean back. Relax. It’s Saturday for god’s sake. Enjoy the relaxed cafe vibes and then maybe contemplate some creative co-working. Here the coffee is delicious, the service friendly, the food is fresh and the wifi is hella good. For something more substantial than a slice of cake, there’s a tasty range of Ligurian flatbreads which are topped with Greek olive oil, salt and Italian herbs before being baked and grilled in the oven. Choose from the “Greek” with feta and pesto or “Italian” with ham, tomato and pesto or “Spanish” with Serrano, pesto, rocket and cheese. There’s also a vegan-friendly “Friedrichshain” focaccia with aubergine, zucchini, olive paste, rocket and tomato, so there’s something for everyone. If you want to work, or just get your ladmin out the way (life admin people, we know it sucks) then this place welcomes laptops with official co-working rates and spacious tables for working.

THE PRICE: Workout Berlin Pilates: A drop-in class €22. It is also on Classpass and Urban Sports Club. KleinMein coffee: Flat white €2.9, espresso €1.5, tea €2.9, freshly squeezed juice €4. Food: Focaccia’s €4.5, cakes €3.5. Co-working: 1 hour: €5, 3 hours €15, full day €15 (open Monday to Sunday 10am-19pm).

BEST FOR: Nailing your weekend with productivity and Berlin cafe culture.

Workout Berlin + KleinMein coffee


Girls and guys on a reformer pilates machine at Workout Berlin studio
Pilates trainer and owner of Workout Berlin studio Arianne Hofmann is adjusting a student on reformer machine
Laptop and food on a wooden table at KleinMein Coffee
Salad with flatbread and smoothie at KleinMein Coffee
Brick wall with hanging lamps and wooden table, KleinMein Coffee interior view